Living in the Eye of the Election Storm

September 2016

[NOTE: This is an excerpt from a Sunday lesson provided to September NTST Sermon Subscribers; feel free to incorporate some or all in an upcoming talk.]

A question on many people’s mind right now is “How in the world do I stay centered in Spirit during this ever-increasing frenetic presidential campaign?”

And a second equally important question is “How can I make a clear, centered-in-Spirit conscious choice come Election Day in November?”

The answer to both questions may be found in the “third secret” found in Gregg Braden’s profound book, Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer. As an introduction to this “third secret,” Braden writes at p. 90:

“There’s a power that lives in the space ‘between,’ that subtle instant when something ends and what follows next hasn’t yet begun. From the birth and death of galaxies, to the beginning and ending of careers and relationships, and even in the simplicity of breathing in and out, creation is the story of beginnings and endings: cycles that start and stop, expand and contract, live and die. Regardless of the scale, between the ‘end’ and the ‘beginning,’ there exists a moment in time when neither one has fully happened. That moment is where magic and miracles come from! In the instant of between, all possibilities exist and none have been chosen. From this place, we’re given the power to heal our bodies, change our lives and bring peace to the world. All events originate from this powerful, magical moment.”

There is a neutral moment where nothing has yet been placed in the Law, but where the Law stands ready to receive and once it does receive, it acts upon what it receives.

There is a neutral moment when we can go left or right (and I mean that figuratively, not politically!), up or down, vertical or horizontal.

There is a neutral moment where all possibilities exist, but where none have yet come into being.

We could look at this election season as the space between the ending and the beginning. Admittedly, there is a lot of activity in this space, a lot of frenzy, a lot of hot collars on all sides of the fence, a lot of bluster and brew-ha-ha everywhere around, as the term of our sitting President comes to an end, but who will begin a new term has not yet been created. That doesn’t happen until a precise day in November, November 8 to be exact.

So right now, we are in the space between.

Braden goes on to write, p. 93:

“This is the place [this place between] where feelings and prayers become the blueprints of life. The key is that our emotional state during prayer determines the kind of blueprint we create. Knowing that the Field is a reflection of our inner beliefs, we must find a way to clear our hurt and anger before we pray. If we think about this, it makes tremendous sense. After all how could we expect the Mind of God to reflect healing and peace if we’re feeling fear and hurt?”

As awake, conscious, spiritually-minded people, we can have a huge impact on this “space between.” How are we handling this space? Is it with frustration, anger, fear, upset, criticism, judgment – whatever words you want to use – about whoever the candidate is that you oppose? How are we handling this space?

Let us assume that some of us, just some of us, are bothered, disturbed, frustrated, angry, afraid, condemning, judgmental. If we believe that the space between endings and beginnings is the place where magic and miracles can happen, we probably don’t want to be bringing those emotions to the space. Right?! Well, what do we do?

Braden writes at p. 94:

“To answer this question, once again we turn to the wisdom from our past. . . . in the highest orders of Essene teachings we are left instruction on how to use the space between to prepare ourselves for prayer. Specifically, they describe how we might prepare our minds, hearts and bodies before the prayer ever begins. Even if it’s for only a moment, we’re invited to create an experience that temporarily suspends our judgments, fears and hurts. From this neutral state, we may offer our prayer from strength and clarity . . . . This allows us to enter into our sacred dialogue in the Mind of God in a state of consciousness that brings the greatest benefit of prayer to our lives. Through words that are both eloquent and simple, the Sufi poet Rumi invites us to join him in this neutral place once we’ve discovered it within ourselves. He shares his invitation in two brief yet powerful statements: ‘Out beyond the ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.’ How do we get to this place when life shows us a world that appears to be scary and dangerous? The instructions are precise.”

And we find the instructions in a variety of sacred texts, but the clearest appears in the words of Master Teacher Jesus when he was describing to his disciples the spiritual qualities that will best serve them:

‘Bless them that curse you and pray for them which despitefully use you.”

Bless, not curse!

To be clear, blessing doesn’t mean putting our stamp of approval on something; it doesn’t condone, discourage or encourage any action, circumstance or event. It doesn’t agree or disagree with any point of view. It is simply an act of love.

“Secrets,” p. 100:

“. . . blessing something is the ‘lubricant’ that frees our hurtful emotions, opening us up to greater healing, rather than keeping our emotions stuck and unresolved within the body. . . . blessing is the key to reaching Rumi’s field beyond wrongdoing and rightdoing. Blessing is the key to accessing the space between. It temporarily suspends our hurt long enough so that we can replace it with another feeling. Through the act of blessing, you assume your power to release life’s deepest hurts and unresolved feelings.”

So, the third secret of the Lost Mode of Prayer, which is our key to “Living CALMLY in the Eye of the Election Storm” is:

Blessing is the release.

So, what does it mean to bless? Well, let’s look at it as a means to call forth the Presence and Power of God within into active manifestation.

So, here is going to be your mission, should you choose to accept it.

Right now, think of the candidate that you definitely won’t vote for! Definitely, definitely not! Or, if you haven’t gotten to that decision yet, one(s) you’re not all that crazy about. Let’s say you find them to be rude, impolite and disrespectful. Or dishonest, unethical, unqualified or weak.

You take these qualities and transpose them. So you would bless them with good manners, with politeness and kindness and respectfulness. Bless them with honesty, with integrity, with qualifications and with strength.

And every time you think of them, every time you see them on the news, watch a debate, hear a campaign ad, hear people at the gym talking about them and your judgment wants to rise up, repeat your blessings.

Now, don’t be disappointed if it seems as if your blessing doesn’t do anything for you the first few times that you use it. You may still feel your judgment and upset and outrage, or whatever other emotions you have been having. Realize that it may take more than a few repetitions to make a shift in you, so keep on blessing either silently or aloud.

If you’re faithful in using this blessing technique, you will remain centered in Spirit in the eye of the election storm now through November 8 and you will make a Divinely-inspired choice on that day.