Message from Dr. Michele

Welcome to New Thought Seed Thoughts.

As I look back upon my more than eighteen years as a New Thought minister, I often wonder how we ministers manage to create valuable, memorable, transformative Sunday lessons week after week after week. When I first began in ministry, my mentor told me there are really only three concepts we must teach: (1) God is all there is; (2) we are one with God and (3) God operates through a Universal Law, which we activate through our consciousness. As New Thought ministers, we are charged with teaching these three concepts in interesting and different ways 50 or so Sundays a year.

I must admit that there have been times when my "well ran dry," and I wondered if I could present those three concepts in a different light that next week or if my congregation would be reduced to a protracted meditation during the talk portion of the Sunday service. Let's face it, being creative and brilliant week after week can be a challenge! Other times, life as a senior minister was so full of other duties and responsibilities that preparing a talk for the upcoming Sunday took a backseat and didn't even begin until sometime on Saturday.

I know these challenges of weekly sermon preparation are not unique to me. And for the bi-vocational minister, juggling ministry and weekly sermon preparation with an outside job can truly be overwhelming. Thus, Spirit nudged me to offer support to my fellow ministers by creating a sermon subscription series, and "New Thought Seed Thoughts" was born.

As a subscriber to "New Thought Seed Thoughts," you will receive monthly sermon theme ideas with full, well-organized, weekly sermon transcripts, complete with illustrations, humorous stories, appropriate quotes and references, suggestions for placement of personal stories and, often, suggestions for accompanying songs for solos or congregational singing. You will receive the transcripts in "Word" format so that you can make the sermons your own. It is not my intention that you simply commit to memory the talks you receive, but rather that they stimulate your creativity and thinking and provide a foundation for the development of your own ideas.

In addition to the sermon support, New Thought Seed Thoughts will regularly provide free helpful hints for effective sermon delivery, ideas for special services (such as Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve Services) and concepts and programs to help empower your work as a minister.

Bless you, my friends, in the wonderful and powerful unfoldment of your New Thought ministry. I am honored to be able to serve you in it.

Michele Whittington, Senior Minister
Creative Living Fellowship
Phoenix, AZ