Hello Michele, I am about to renew my subscription, and I want to let you know that I really appreciate the loving sermon support that you provide. I can tell that it is a labor of love because you provide what money can't buy which is thoughtful and committed support from the heart.  I have used the material for the past 6 months and it has given me what I was expecting, which is some fresh ideas and approaches for my sermons. I integrate my ideas and insights within the framework of those that you provide and it has really worked for me. Using your service has freed up more of my time to address other aspects of my ministry. It has allowed me to focus more on growth programs, classes and outreach that I wanted to do. I look forward to a continued beneficial partnership with you. With love, Rev. George, Arizona

I so enjoy working with the talks I receive from New Thought Seed Thoughts and adapting them to my speaking style. I think it's wonderful that many ministers are giving the same message (with individual variations). It is helping us reach critical mass in consciousness, and creating a new world. Because of the ease of using the talks to prepare for Sundays, just this month I've had time to get an Earth Day Cleanup Project done and work on creating a sustainable garden for low income families. Thank you very much. Rev. Linda, California

Being new to your subscription program, I want to share what a blessing this has been for me. I have taken gems from the material you provided, quotes, etc. and woven them with other material into my Sunday talks. This has worked beautifully for me. It saves me time (something for which I am very grateful) and I am never "stuck" for an idea. Thank you and God bless you. Rev, T., Florida

Michele's teachings have been a great inspiration for me. Over the last few years, we've shared ideas for Sunday messages and I loved the great logic that stirred my left brain as well as the often imaginative ideas that fostered right brain thinking. I highly recommend her Seed Thoughts to anyone wanting to grow! Rev. Dr. Toni LaMotta, Sarasota, FL

Michele, I just want to thank you for the quality of the work and support you provide. The talks for the past month were the best I’ve ever written!!! :-)  They were so well received.  Of course, they get augmented, but the skeleton and meat you provide is invaluable to me as a busy person. Feel appreciated. Best thoughts, Rev. Barry

I had already written my Palm Sunday talk incorporating your Rose Blessing in it when I received the talk you had prepared to go with the Blessing.  When I read what you had written, it SO resonated with me that I dusted off my acting chops and used your talk instead - I had one PHD Speech Professor tell me what an excellent, well written talk I gave, and another discerning congregant say my talk was world class - HAHAHA!  So, there you go my dear.  The Rose Ceremony was a huge success - everyone loved it, was deeply moved by the experience and there was not one person who did not participate.  I blessed and gave away 100 roses this morning.  It was beautiful.  Much love and many blessings to you, Michele, for giving of yourself and for your leadership for us youngin's in the minister biz!  Love, Rev. D

I have personally benefitted from Rev. Michele's sermons for many years. They are so well organized, researched, and entertaining. Her stories, jokes and examples have tremendous value and have saved me long hours in my own sermon preparation. Her personal wisdom and grace touches so beautifully the topics and series she presents. I give her my highest recommendation! Rev. Dr. Janette Freeman, Spiritual Director, The Oneness Center, Fresno, CA

Great speakers have great ideas, tell great stories, have great quotes and help people feel great! This is simply Rev. Dr. Michele Whittington’s style. She brings forth greatness. Plus, she does it in such an elegant, and organized way! Her sermon outlines are sure to be of enormous help to those of us who create messages on a weekly basis. Rev. Dr. Michelle Medrano, New Vision Spiritual Growth Center, Scottsdale, AZ

Thank you, Michele, for your wonderful lessons. When I purchased them, I didn't realize how much I would need them in the next few months and probably the year. Life has been so busy with all types of activities, having the lessons ready makes my weeks much easier. Thank you again. Rev. Abigail Albert, Family Spiritual Center, Poway, CA

I am a subscriber to your yearly series of talks, and I am loving it!! It is so much easier to prepare my Sunday lessons with these as a starting point, especially since our writing/speaking styles seem to be very similar! So, I wanted to give you this feedback and say thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful service. Brilliant!! Rev. Peggie Marks, Spiritual Director, Center for Spiritual Living, Tampa Bay