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God Rocks

December, 2007
The Gifts of the Season

February 2011 – Your Reason for Being

You are here on this earth for one reason and one reason only – To let God be God as You. Each week this month, in an eclectic way, we will focus on the sweet and holy relationship you have – or can develop -- with the God of your Being.

Talk 1 – Anchoring in God’s Love

When the seas of life get rocky, when the storm clouds gather overhead, when you’ve lost your way and aren’t sure why you are here, where do you turn? Today, we will explore how, in the midst of the storm, you can find your anchor.

Talk 2 – Celebrating Y.O.U.

Ernest Holmes once wrote, “There is multiplicity in the One,” meaning that while we are all manifestations of the One, the One is uniquely expressed as each of us. Today, we gather to celebrate the unique expression of the One that is YOU!

Talk 3 – The Celebration Continues – And Goes Deeper!
Today we continue to celebrate the unique, wonderful God beings that we are and then take it a step deeper by focusing on the rights and responsibilities that brings.

Talk 4 – The Art of Being on Purpose

When we are living on purpose and living from our authentic self, the Universe conspires for our good in every way, shape and form. In a joyful and uplifting way, today we will unwrap that good by focusing on the Art of Being on Purpose.