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The Gifts of the Season

March 2011 – Our True Spiritual Power

During the month of March, in various ways, we will explore how we gain true spiritual Power when we consciously and intentionally surrender to a “Power for Good greater than we are.” Come be infused this month with the Power of the All Good.

Talk 1– Fully Rely on God
As we navigate the every-changing waters called our “human experience,” do we rely on our cleverness, our strength and our cunning to accomplish and achieve our good or do we fully rely on God? For students of the Science of Mind, this question may seem to suggest a duality, but be assured, it does not!

Talk 2 – The Luck of the Irish
Every child has dreamed about finding the pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow and what adult hasn’t dreamed of winning the lottery, hitting it big in Vegas, or having some stroke of good luck fall upon them. But does luck really have anything to do with it? The consistent qualities found in “lucky” people suggest that it does not.

Talk 3 - How Deep are You Willing to Go?

It is easy in the confines of our Sunday morning experience to go deep into Spirit. It is also easy during our sacred experience together to say “yes, I choose to go deep all the time.” But how do we do once we go out into the world? Can we stay in that deeply connected space? Today, we go to such a deep place that it can last even “out there”!

Talk 4 – Today We Answer the Call

God is calling us all the time. The question is – are we listening? Today, we explore the power that comes when we listen to the inner voice - when we answer the call - even when it contradicts logic. That is where our true Spiritual Power lives.

Monthly Affirmation:
I surrender my small self to my Greater Self. I let go of some good to experience All Good. I turn my fear over to faith. And I release my will to God’s Will.