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April 2011 – Living From a Resurrected Consciousness

We culminate this month with Easter Sunday and, each week prior, we set the stage with ideas for raising our consciousness to new, heightened levels of God awareness. A wonderful byproduct of this resurrected consciousness is a life rich in meaning, joy, abundance and love.

Talk 1 – Practices for Perfecting My Perception of the Presence
In today’s service, we will explore plenty of powerful practices positioned to ex-ponentially protract our perception of God’s perfect and plentiful presence in our lives. Phew!

Talk 2 – The Double Thread
The French priest and philosopher, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin once wrote this simple yet profound prayer: Lay hold on me fully both by the within and the without of myself. Grant that I may never break this Double Thread. This beautiful prayer speaks to the spiritual depth and power we gain when we can simultaneously see both the physical and metaphysical nature of our world. In this service, you will learn how to do just that.

Talk 3, Palm Sunday - “Let This Cup Pass”

On this week before Easter, we look to Jesus’ experience in the Garden of Gethsemane as a guide for our lives. Because he knew what was soon to happen to him, he went there to pray that the cup pass from him. We have probably all prayed that prayer in one form or another. Jesus’ true power came in his words that followed. So can ours. This lesson will be deepened in a most sacred Rose Blessing ceremony.

Talk 4, Easter Sunday – The Darkness, the Dawn and the Day
The events that happened on Easter morning are only part of the story; in fact, they are the last part. First, there was the depth of the darkness; then, there was the hope of the dawn; and finally, there was the resurrection of the day. Today, on this holiest of mornings, we explore each aspect of the Easter story to enable us to live in the daylight of a truly resurrected consciousness.

I expand in awareness of God’s presence in my life.
I see God at work in every aspect of my physical world.
I live from a consciousness of oneness and connection, and I am blessed!