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August 2011 – Time to Take a Vacation!

Even though August in _______ is the perfect time to take a vacation, not everyone leaves our fair city.  So, for those of us staying in town, we will gather each week and take a collective vacation from those attitudes and beliefs that keep us from expressing God’s Love, being God’s Light and living God’s Truth.  One of Ernest Holmes’ most famous sayings was, “Change your thinking and change your life.”  [For Unity Ministers, you might want to use this quote from Charles Fillmore:  "All thought is formative; all thought has its effect in our lives."] As we take a vacation from unsupportive thinking [thought] this month, we can and will change our lives!

August Talk 1 – "Take a Vacation from Scarcity"
Many of us have lived long enough with the belief that there is not enough ______ (you fill in the blank).  Today is the day to eliminate scarcity thinking once and for all.

August Talk 2 – "Take a Vacation from Anger"
A seemingly growing challenge our society faces today is anger.  More than a problem in society, is it a problem in your life?  Today, we will take a fresh approach to anger.  Rather than learning how to manage our anger, we will look at taking a life-time vacation from it through deeper spiritual understanding and by allowing that deeper spiritual understanding to help lessen, if not eliminate, the anger in others.  Now that would be a vacation worth taking, wouldn’t it?

August Talk 3 – "Take a Vacation from Stress"
In today’s demanding world, everyone feels stressed from time to time.  We feel the stress of the job, of family, of the price of gas, of the world situation – the list could go on and on.  While we cannot control the outer situation, we absolutely can do something about our inner world.  Today we will look at some sure-fired spiritual tools to help us take a permanent vacation from stress.
August Talk 4 – "Take a Vacation from Negativity"
In an utterly delightful way, we will bring our vacation month to a close by seeing before our very eyes the meaning of “change your thinking, change your life” as we witness the power of taking a vacation from negativity.  You won’t want to miss this Sunday.  [MINISTER’S NOTE:  Most of this talk was a skit from an experience described in “Your Aladdin’s Lamp” by William Hornaday.  It was completely delightful, yet needs quite a bit of preplanning.]

Monthly Affirmation:
Today I take a permanent vacation from all that does not serve as I embrace God’s rich abundance, joy, peace and power.