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September 2011 Theme – A.C.T.S. of God

When you hear the term “Acts of God,” what do you immediately think of?  Most likely you think of disasters beyond your control such as storms, floods, lightening, etc.  The Truth is Acts of God are acts of Amazing grace and Compassion and for us to align with them, we must be willing To boldly go forth and Serve the sacred.  This month, we will explore these four concepts to bring us into experiences of greater wholeness, freedom and happiness, despite whatever “disasters beyond our control” may be swirling around us.

September Talk 1 - “Amazing Grace”

The song Amazing Grace, written by John Newton, a slave trader who had a moment of grace and turned his life over to God, is one that we have heard and sung time and time again.  But do we really, deeply understand its meaning?  Today we explore the profound significance grace can have in our lives when we realize that we do not just have moments of grace, but that we are always in a state of grace.  When we do, all chains of bondage are released, and we are completely set free!

September Talk 2 - “Compassion is Where My Spirit Breathes”

Several months ago, Jami Lulu a beautiful singer/songwriter, appeared in concert at CLF.  One of his songs includes the lyrics, “Compassion is where my Spirit breathes.”  What a powerful, inspiring line that is.  What an Act of God compassion is.  How can compassion breathe life into you?   Be with us today to have your heart opened wide and your Spirit enlivened.

September Talk 3 -“To Boldly Go”

Whether we quote Star Trek’s “to boldly go” or H. W. Murray’s “Boldness has genius, magic, and power in it,” we know that to live effectively in this world, we must boldly go forth.  We also know that when we do, “Providence moves too” (H. W. Murray).  What is your next bold move?  Do you realize it is an Act of God?  Today, we discover together that next bold step.   Additionally, in second service, we will celebrate the bold moves of CLF practitioners Mary Harrison and Jorge Suarez who are being installed as Minister Interns today.
September Talk 4 - “Serving the Sacred”

Those who are called to serve God often wonder how they can best do that.  Of course, we serve God, the Sacred, by serving God’s creations – all of them.  Acts of service are Acts of God.

Monthly Affirmation: 
I see Acts of God all around me in the beauty of a sunset, in the aroma of freshly baked bread and in the eyes of a beloved.  I experience Acts of God’s Grace and Compassion as and through me as I boldly go forth to serve the sacred.