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November 2011 Theme – Let's Talk Turkey

During the month of November – the month where turkey rules -- we will “talk turkey” about Truth Principles.  Do you need a reminder of the Truth of who you are?  Do you need a refresher on how Spirit works through and as you?  How high is your gratitude meter?  Join us this month for some nitty-gritty Truth talk.  Gobble, gobble, gobble!
November Talk 1 – “God Knows!“
Today we will focus on the simple statement:  “God knows.”  Most often when that statement is said, we are at our wit’s end, completely exasperated or fed up.  We throw our hands up in the air and cry out “God knows!”   But today, we will put a completely different spin on those words!
November Talk 2 - “An Integrated You”
If you are like the rest of humanity, you have aspects of yourself that you try to hide, thinking that you surely can’t be spiritual or you certainly won’t be loved if those traits were revealed.  The problem with this approach is that when we try to hide parts of who we are, we can never be authentic and whole in our expression.  So today, we will talk turkey about reconciling the dark and the light, the shadow and the sun, realizing that we are all God, and that is all good!

November Talk 3 - “Are You Self Centered or Centered in Self?”
We continue to talk turkey about Truth as we explore the difference between being self centered and centered in Self;  the difference between being  Ego-centric v. God-centric.   You will leave today with a clear understanding of the difference and a powerful “code of conduct” by which to you can live your life centered in Self.

November Talk 4  - “Abundant Gratitude”
Of course, we will end our month talking about gratitude, but gratitude with a different twist.  Rather than looking at gratitude for events, people or things, we will focus on gratitude for Spiritual Truth and how it works in our lives.

Monthly Affirmation:
I place my full trust in the Power of God through my life, and I accept all parts of myself, knowing that I’m all good, because I’m all God!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!