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December 2011 Theme – It’s A Wonderful Life

As we bring 2011 to a close, we will explore what it means to live a wonderful life using the holiday classic “It’s A Wonderful Life” as our teaching tool.  In this heartwarming movie, the hero, George Bailey, doesn’t know his value and worth until life seems hopeless and he is offered a hand up by a wingless angel named Clarence Oddbody.  This holiday treat is rich with Spiritual Truths for us all to embody as we create our own wonderful lives.  Give yourself a gift this month by being with us each Sunday and, sometime during the month, by warming up a mug of hot chocolate, wrapping up in your favorite afghan and watching the movie.

December Talk 1 – “A Run on the Bank”
George Bailey’s life does not look like he expected it to look.  He had exotic plans and dreams of travel and adventure.  Instead, he stayed in the town of his birth to run his deceased father’s building and loan association.  One day, there is a run on the bank, and George did a most unusual thing.  Today we explore what he did, why he did it and the message for us hidden in that act.
December Talk 2 – “What If I'd Never Been Born”
Each one of us has a unique role to play in this life, but many of us don’t realize it.  Our hero, George Bailey, certainly did not know his value until his guardian angel, Clarence, showed him what life would have been like without him.  Today, we will take our own journey to find the tremendous value we each bring to this life.

December Talk 3 – “What Bails Out Bailey?”
At his darkest moment, George needs a miracle and not knowing what else to do, he offers a short prayer, “Father in Heaven, if you are there and can hear me, show me the way.” That prayer was the beginning of his redemption, although it doesn’t seem so at first.  What bails Bailey out is what will bail us all out in our times of need if we are but open to receive it.  
December Talk 4 – “Designing Our Wonderful Life”
We are always creating our life – either by design or by default.  On this very special Christmas morning, we take the opportunity to create our wonderful life in 2012 by design as we combine elements of a Taize service with the empowering rituals of a burning bowl ceremony and visioning.  This is a sacred and holy service you won’t want to miss.

Monthly Affirmation:
God is good and life is wonderful.  Today, I recognize the wonders of life and all that it brings.  Today, I celebrate MY wonderful life!