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February 2012 – Marrying Heaven and Earth

“As above, so below.”  “Be ye in this world, but not of this world.”  These are phrases we have often heard spoken, but may wonder what they really mean and how they apply to our lives.  During the month of February, we will explore marrying Heavenly ideas with our earthly experiences.

February Talk 1 – “Clearing Out Hell so that Heaven can Reign”
In Unity/Religious Science, we believe that in order to experience the Kingdom of Heaven, which is a here-and-now conscious connection with the God Presence within , some things simply must die away.   Join us today and discover the two things that must give way so that you can create the space within yourself to marry Heavenly ideas with your earthly experiences.

February Talk 2 – “Marrying the self to the Self”
As we celebrate Valentine’s Day in a few days, our thoughts turn to romantic love.  But, if we are not in a loving, romantic relationship, this may not be good news!  Today, we will reframe Valentine’s Day by making a commitment to our Higher Selves that goes deeper and higher than any human relationship, but that will serve and support us in every human relationship we have now or in the future.  Come be a part of a sacred and empowering commitment ceremony of the self to the Self!

February Talk 3 – “Never Forgive Again”
Did that title get your attention?  We hope so!  Today we will explore a powerful practice that, when applied in a regular and consistent way in this earthly experience, may take you to the Heavenly place of never needing to forgive again.

February Talk 4 – “The Gift of Heaven is Already Made -- Hallelujah!”
We conclude our monthly theme today, but it really is just the beginning as we expand our awareness of our relationship with the Divine. As it expands and deepens, we are in heavenly consciousness, and the more we live in states of heavenly consciousness, the happier we are.  The Gift of Heaven really is already made – today we accept it.  Hallelujah!

February Affirmation:
Today I marry heaven and earth as I express Greater Love, shine a Brighter Light and live from Higher Truths!