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April 2012 Theme – The Sacred Walk of Renewal and Resurrection

At every moment of every day, we are experiencing the results of either our conditioned-based thinking or our Source-based living. This month, we will take a sacred walk into Source-based living, and each week, we will build upon the week before as we are renewed and resurrected in Spirit together.

April 2012, Talk 1 Palm Sunday & Rose Blessing Ceremony – “Preparing the Way”
Every decision we make directs the course of our lives.  Using the metaphor of three decisions Jesus made during those few days prior to his crucifixion, we will prepare the way for our first step in the renewal and resurrection of our consciousness.  And, we will experience our most sacred Rose Blessing Ceremony to affirm and confirm this step.

April 2012, Talk 2 Easter – “Roll Away the Stone”
What stands in the way of your next evolutionary leap?  On this Easter Sunday, we will “roll away the stone” of whatever that is by taking the second step of renewal and resurrection.  You will leave this service with a tangible reminder of your new-found freedom.

April 2012, Talk 3 – “Where Do I Go When ‘Bad’ Things Happen?”
When you are faced with challenges in your own life or when you see challenges in the world around you, where do you go?  Not where do you go physically, but where do you go in your mind?  Are you mesmerized by the condition you see or are you moved to a higher Truth?   Today, we take our third step in the sacred walk of Source-based living.
April 2012, Talk 4 – “You Are More Than This”
Who do you think you are?  Are you awake to your true spiritual nature or do you identify solely with your personality and emotions?  There is something in you greater and grander than you might realize, and an evolutionary urge for greater life expression has been planted in you.  Today, we take our fourth step with power and certainty into Source-based living as we explore how much more we are.

April 2012, Talk 5 – “Traveling Life’s HIGHway “
Taking the HIGH road means keeping your eyes on the Light.  This takes Spiritual Muscle, Heart Muscle, Mind Muscle.  We take our final step in our sacred walk of renewal and resurrection with a sure-fire way to remember always to look up!

April Affirmation:
I am no longer mesmerized by circumstances and conditions as I am NOW resurrected into a Source-based consciousness of higher love, deeper truth and greater joy.  Today, I am renewed.

MINISTERS’ NOTE:  A consistent element through this entire month is building an altar.  Each week you add a piece to it.  On Easter, have smooth white stones to give to each congregant.