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May 2012 Theme – Preparing for the Harvest

As the energies around our planet speed up for humankind’s evolutionary jump in consciousness (which is coming, my friends!), we can either plant seed thoughts that play a part in hastening that jump or we can plant seed thoughts that prolong the chaos before the brilliance.  Which will it be?  We are each at choice.  This month, we will explore the seeds we can plant now that will support the evolutionary harvest of good!

May 2012 Talk 1 – “What to Plant Now for the Harvest in the Fall”
Will the seed thoughts are you planting now hasten or postpone the evolutionary jump?
Today we make a committed choice to plant only those seed thoughts that will grow our desired harvest. 

Mother’s Day, May 2012 Talk 2 - “The Healing Energy of the Divine Feminine”
As we celebrate Motherhood on this special day, we will call forth the Divine Feminine from us all, realizing that the energy of the feminine is one of wholeness and healing and one that is needed to take us forward in our evolutionary journey.  This will be a profound day of healing and empowerment for all of us, whether we are male or female, mother or not. [MINISTERS’ NOTE:  This talk concludes with the showing of the Video “Dear Woman.” A link to that video is provided in the talk notes.]

May 2012, Talk 3 – “Faith that Fulfills”
A faith that fulfills is an affirmative mental approach to Reality, and a willingness to move ahead to the harvest of good, regardless of our fears.  Today we burst through our fears with profound faith!
May 2012, talk 4 – “Take the Time”
The concept of time is an interesting one.  It is said that it is just an illusion and that it doesn’t really exist.  Try telling that to someone who just missed the last bus of the night!  Whether it is an illusion or a stark reality (or both!), the only time we really have is this now moment.  Today, as we conclude planting seeds for our harvest of good, we will take the time to plant some final seeds in this now moment.

May Affirmation:
Today I plant seed thoughts that hasten humankind’s evolutionary jump in consciousness.  Today, I play my part in bringing brilliance out of chaos, healing out of hurt and faith out of fear.