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June 2012 Theme – Empowered Living

Theme Description for Religious Science Centers: 
Ernest Holmes once wrote:  “The profound thought of all ages has stood in awe of Life itself, realizing that there is a power and potentiality, the highest possibilities of which the human intellect cannot fathom.”  Holmes may be right -- we may never be able to fully fathom the highest possibilities of which we are capable, but each Sunday this month, we will reach for those possibilities by tapping into our personal empowerment.  We may surprise ourselves just how high we can actually go!

Theme Description for Unity Centers: 
Eric Butterworth once wrote:  “You are already created in the image-likeness of God.  Your true image is not something to get; it is a reality to discover.  There is that of you that is the likeness of God. You may identify yourself as less, and thus project that awareness into your life experience. But you can never be less than your “I AM-age.”  Butterworth is right -- we often identify, and then experience, ourselves as less than, but each Sunday this month, we will reach for our highest “I AM-age” by tapping into our personal empowerment.  We may surprise ourselves just how high we can actually go!  [MINISTERS’ Note: This quote is from “Spiritual Economics,” p. 59]

June 2012 Talk 1 – “Get to P.E.!”
Who remembers going to P.E. (physical education) class as a child or who works out on regular basis now?  If you do, then elements of today’s lesson will be familiar, as we use those experiences as a metaphor for getting to our own PE – our own Personal Empowerment.

June 2012 Talk 2 – “In God We T.R.U.S.T.”
How is your relationship with money?  Is it everything you would like it to be?  When we realize that money is nothing more than a form of energy and that the amount of it we yield is dependent upon our relationship with it, we can move to a more empowered place and then have more of it to spend, to spare and to share!

Father’s Day, June 2012 Talk 3 – “The Empowering Energy of the Divine Masculine”
As we celebrate fatherhood today, we honor strength, power and protection, which are elements of the energy of the Divine Masculine and which we recognize play vital roles in moving us forward in our evolutionary journey.  This will be a profound day of empowerment and healing for all of us, whether we are male or female.  [MINISTERS’ NOTE:  This talk concludes with the showing of a video entitled “Dear Man,” which we produced at our center.  A link to that video is provided in the talk notes should you desire to show it, and a script for the video will be provided in the event you wish to record your own.]

June 2012 Talk 4 – “Are You Being Pushed or Pulled into Empowerment?”
Life is always calling us into higher and higher levels of personal empowerment - because that’s just how it works. But how we get there is up to us -- some of us are PUSHED into that higher expression through our pain; others are PULLED into that higher expression through our vision.  Today, let’s get pulled together!

June Affirmation:
Today, I am empowered to reach my highest possibilities. I now move forward into my greatest good, Divinely directed and lavishly prospered.  My vision fills me with a realization of God’s strength, power and abundance that have always been mine.  I claim them now!