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September 2012 – Living in Harmony with Life

Life can be a beautiful song in exquisite harmony or it can be seem to be completely out of tune.   Our outer world seems to be out of tune right now as major shifts and changes are taking place.  Chances are we have experienced being personally out of tune as well.  This month, we gather each week to bring balance and spiritual poise to the song that is our lives, individually and collectively.   

September 2012, Talk 1 – “Finding Harmony in the Midst of Disharmony“
How can we find our footing when our world is shaking around us?  How can we stay in harmony when our world seems out of tune?  Where is the balance between our spiritual beliefs and our human emotions and experiences?  These are deep questions that need to be answered.  Today we dig deep to answer them. 

September 2012, Talk 2 – “One Song”
Continuing our conversations of last week, today we dig even deeper to see and to feel the presence of God’s One Song, the Uni-Verse, harmoniously expressing in all things – even when we are sitting in traffic, frustrated with a co-worker or reliving the events of 9/11 on the 6:00 o’clock news.  The truth is, God is everywhere, and everything is holy.

September 2012, Talk 3 - “To Everything There is a Season”
Nature really does know what She is doing.  As the scripture said, “To everything there is a season.”  Balance and harmony are spiritual qualities that live at the core of all things – including us.  Today we realize and realign with this Truth.

September 2012, Talk 4 - “To See the Light, You’ve Got to Be the Light”
A fundamental tenant of Unity/Religious Science is based on the biblical passage, “as ye sow so shall ye reap.”  Today, with uplifting music and a new New Thought twist to that scripture, we look at the harmonious relationship between our inner and outer lives.

September 2012, Talk 5 - “The Song of Life”
Today, we will each have an opportunity to experience our personal Song of Life – that uniquely beautiful music that only we can make.  Don’t worry – you needn’t be a singer to be profoundly moved by this service.  

I live in harmony and spiritual poise.  My inner world is balanced and my outer world reflects this Truth. Life is a beautiful song and I sing it with joy!