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July 2012 Theme – It’s a Sizzling Summer

Summer is in full swing and across our nation, it’s sizzling, and we are sizzling here at [name of center] – but not because of the temperature.  This month begins explosively as we celebrate our personal and national independence, then we delve deeper each week into hot topics that cause us to sizzle with excitement in Spirit and end the month with a topic too hot to handle, which you won’t want to miss!

July 2012 Talk 1 – “Igniting the Fireworks!”
This day we come together to commemorate moving through fear to freedom as we celebrate our independence as a nation and as individuals beings who burst forth like a firework from the spark of a Divine Idea.  So, let the fireworks begin!

July 2012 Talk 2 – “Go N.U.T.S.”
How long has it been since you’ve gone nuts?   That question could be interpreted in a myriad of ways, couldn’t it? Some perhaps not so great!  But this day, we will interpret it in a way that takes us deeper into the sizzling excitement of working in harmony with Source.

July 2012 Talk 3 – “Calming The Internal Sea”
Because we are looking at sizzling with excitement for Spirit this month, it may seem strange to spend a day talking about being calm.  But excitement for Spirit isn’t a frenetic thing.  In fact, it’s a place of tranquil strength and unruffled power.  Today, we go there!

July 2012 Talk 4 – “Flexing Our Spiritual Muscle”
Sizzling with Spirit does require some spiritual muscle in the forms of focus, discipline and deliberate choice.  But, that muscle can be developed just like our physical muscle through dedicated practice and commitment.  And it’s done one step at a time.

July 2012 Talk 5 – “Too Hot to Handle”
We conclude our month of sizzling with Spirit with a candid look at sex.  Did you read that correctly?  Well, yes, you did!!  What do our New Thought teachings have to say about that form of spiritual energy, anyway?  Plenty -- come find out what!

July Affirmation:
Today I sizzle with spiritual energy and excitement.  I celebrate the freedom found in the power of Spirit, and I live from a place of tranquil strength and unruffled power.