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August 2012 Theme – God’s in the House

During the month of August, we will look at a collection of ideas aimed at giving us a fuller, more intimate and personal experience of God as we explore spiritual concepts and then deepen into them through guided meditation and prayer.  And, those who attend every Sunday in August will be placed in a drawing to receive a very special gift.  It sounds like [name of center] is the place to be this summer as each week we experience God in the House!

August 2012, Talk 1 – “Your Success is God’s Success”
Whenever we reach a milestone in our lives, we express more life; whenever we express more life, we express more God; whenever we succeed in expressing more God, God succeeds!  Today we celebrate our individual successes as well as honor the success of others.  [MINISTERS’ NOTE:  Make pre-arrangements with 2-3 congregants who have good stage presence and who have succeeded despite setbacks to share their stories.   Give them 3-4 minutes each and ask that they share with you what they will say before they present it so you can edit, shorten, etc. if necessary, and so that you can determine in what order to have them present.]

August 2012, Talk 2 – “Soul Signals”
Call it intuition, inner knowings or soul signals, it is the voice of God always available to us to guide and direct us to our highest good.  The question is not whether it is there, but whether we are open and available to hear it.  Today, we will cultivate the ability to catch the signals from our souls.

August 2012, Talk 3 – “You Matter”
Today we take lessons from various and astonishing sources that show, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that each of us matters.  If you have even a hint of uncertainty about your genuine worth, you will want to be here today to be assured that God truly is in your house!

August 2012, Talk 4 – “Say Yes to God!”
As we bring our “God’s in the House” theme to a close, today we look at where we are saying “yes,” where we are saying “no” and where we are saying “amen!” in our lives. Ideally, we are saying “yes” to God, “no” to fear and “amen” to living a fully spiritual life.  And today those who have said “yes” to being in service each Sunday this month will be entered into a drawing for a very special gift! [MINISTERS’ NOTE:  Give every person who has attended each Sunday a raffle ticket as they come in.  At the appropriate place in the service, have ushers pass a basket to collect the tickets.  Draw one or a few, depending on what you want to do, for lunch with you or some other wonderful gift.]

August Affirmation:
I am the House of God, and God is in my House.  I trust the wisdom of my soul to direct me to my right place, at the right time, in the right way.  I say “yes” to God and “Amen” to life!