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October 2012 – Are You Ready to Receive?

We have all heard things like:  “It is better to give than to receive,” “give ‘til it hurts,” and “God loves a cheerful giver,” but rarely do we hear anything about the importance of receiving.  Thus, we have come to the conclusion that giving is altruistic and holy, while receiving is selfish and unholy.  But is that completely true?  Because God is Infinite Wholeness and so are we, we must live in a balanced state of giving and receiving.  If we only give, we wind up resentful and frustrated; if we only receive, we become stagnate and bloated.  To truly live in balance and beauty, we must do both.  This month, we find out how.   [MINISTERS’ NOTE:  This month, you’ll work from a great book entitled The Power of Receiving by Amanda Owens.]

October 2012 Talk 1 – “Getting Ready”
How ready are you to receive?  What spiritual hang ups do you have that keep you closed off from God’s great good expressing through, as and to you?  Today, we will burst through the myths about receiving and open a space within us to allow the flow.

October 2012 Talk 2 – “The Power of Receiving”
This week and next, we will set forth a road map for restoring balance and harmony, so that we can become magnets of attraction for the lives we desire and deserve.  Our work in these next two weeks will be based on the book The Power of Receiving by Amanda Owen.  We will also kick off our 40 Days of Gratitude leading up to the Thanksgiving Holiday.

October 2012 Talk 3 – “Opening the Gateway to Receiving”
Continuing our work with the book, “The Power of Receiving,” we will truly have a shift in consciousness that opens the gateway to receiving!

October 2012 Talk 4 – “Giving and Receiving – Two Sides of the Same Coin”
Now that we have grounded ourselves fully in the consciousness of receiving, we balance it with an experience of the other side of the coin.  What does it truly mean to be a giver?  It may be different from what you think!

I live in spiritual balance.  I am an open, receptive receiver and a generous, cheerful giver!  God is good, and my life is good . . . . all the time!