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December 2012 Theme – It Really is A Wonderful Life

[Ministers’ note:  If you did not do “It’s a Wonderful Life” last year, simply modify this theme and the talks as appropriate to delete those references.]

Last December, we explored what it means to live a wonderful life using the holiday classic “It’s a Wonderful Life” as our teaching tool. And because we could not address all of the wonderful lessons contained in this heartwarming movie in one month, we promised to revisit it this December.  And now here we are. This month we will see what other rich Spiritual Truths are available to us through this movie, and we will wrap the month up a blanket of Christmas Love.  By the way, sometime during the month, give yourself the gift of watching “It’s a Wonderful Life,” because it really is!

December 2012, Talk 1 – “Lead Me Not Into Temptation”
Our hero George Bailey finds himself tempted, but makes his decision in line with his inner moral compass.  On the other hand, Mr. Potter, the “evil” banker, finds himself tempted and makes his decision based on his lack of an inner moral compass.  It seems, at least at first, that Mr. Potter’s decision works out much better for him than George’s does.  Now that just doesn’t seem right, does it!?  But, of course, there is much more to this story.  Find out what today!

December 2012, Talk 2 – “Bedford Falls or Pottersville – Where Do You Want to Live?”
The town in which George Bailey grew up and lives as an adult is called Bedford Falls, but when he visits the future, he finds it is named Pottersville, and it is definitely not the same town.  Why not?  What has changed?  Everything!  Everything has changed because of the consciousness of the town’s leadership.  Today, we look at the power of consciousness to affect not just our lives but the lives of those around us.   And we will deepen into [or introduce, which is appropriate for your center] a consciousness for bringing greater love and harmony not only in our church community, but in our world.

December 2012, Talk  3 – “Second Class Angel”
Clarence Oddbody, the angel God sent to save George Bailey, is considered a Second Class Angel.  He has not yet earned his wings, and he is pretty discouraged about it.  Why was he a Second Class Angel, and what does he need to do to earn his wings?  The answers to those questions contain rich and wonderful spiritual lessons for us, so come and find out.

December 2012, Talk 4 – “Ring the Bell!”
As our movie concludes, a bell rings on the Christmas tree in the Bailey household, signifying that an angel – that would be Clarence – just got his wings.  Today, on this beautiful morning, we will all get our wings, in a metaphorical way, so that we can fly into our wonderful lives in 2013.

God is good and life is wonderful.  It REALLY is!  Today, I recognize the wonders of life and all that it brings.  Today, I celebrate MY wonderful life!