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January 2013 Theme – Calling Forth Only the Good [for Unity]

Our theme to begin the year 2013 is taken from the words of Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore in his book Talks on Truth - “Pronounce every experience good and of God, and by that mental attitude you will call forth only the good.”  These words are as relevant today as when they were written.  The spiritual principles and tools he taught then serve us very well today, as we face the dawn of a new age.  This month, we will anchor ourselves in the basics of our teachings to set the tone for an extraordinary year – a year in which we pronounce every experience good and of God!

January 2013 Talk 1 – “There’s Nothing New About New Thought”
On this first Sunday of the year, we set the tone for our entire year by returning to the Ancient Wisdom behind our New Thought tradition.  From the east to the west, the spiritual teachings are the same.  Today we see this in profound ways, and we embark on a personal, rewarding experience of having a New Thought about New Thought!**

January 2013 Talk 2 – “Jumpstart Your Life”
Wherever we are in life, we can always move to a higher, more expanded level of being and becoming by jumpstarting our thinking.  So, today, we jump into a richer, fuller, more abundant life/a more good-filled life by continuing the conversation started last Sunday of the importance of what goes on between our ears.

January 2013 Talk 3 - “Laying the Foundation”
Today, we lay a strong spiritual foundation by exploring the inner workings of three powerful core  concepts of our teachings.  These three concepts provide a basis upon which all of our other New Thoughts are built and they have been life transforming for [name of minister].  Come found out what they are and let them transform your world as well.

January 2013 Talk 4 – “The Key to the Abundant Kingdom” 
The Master Teacher Jesus said, “I have come so that you might have life and have it more abundantly” and “It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.”  In Unity/Science of Mind, we stand on these promises, and in a beautiful abundance class created by David Owen Ritz entitled, Keys to the Kingdom, students delve deeply into seven advanced abundance keys that open the door to them.  Today, we look at the one key that unlocks the door for all the rest.

January Affirmation: (adapted from Talks on Truth by Charles Fillmore, p, 107):
I pronounce every experience good and of God, and thereby I call forth only the good.  What seemed error disappears and only the good remains.  My mind is now and always fixed on the pure, the just, and the upright.

**MINISTER’S NOTE:  Each Sunday this month, place half sheets of paper entitled:  “A New Thought About New Thought” in the bulletin.   At the designated time in Talk 1, introduce the contest and invite the congregation to write down any ah-ha’s (new “light bulb” ideas; deeper understandings; profound rememberings of something  known, but forgotten) on the form and place them in the specially-marked basket at a designated place.  Gather a panel of 2-3 practitioners/chaplains/ministers to sift through all the submissions and identify three that rise to the highest level of “ah-ha-ness.”  On the last Sunday of the month, award prizes for those three entries.  Individuals must be present to win, so have a couple of other entries selected as back up.