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March 2013 – The Power to Change When Everything Changes

Life is moving at a pace faster than ever and change is occurring more rapidly than ever as the evolution of humankind speeds up.  Changes -- small or large, expected or unexpected, happy or not so happy -- can take a toll on our wellbeing.  And, changes that are large, unexpected and not so happy, can take an ever greater toll.  That is, unless we have some very specific and focused spiritual tools to use.  Concluding with the change that occurred in Jerusalem millennia ago, this month we will find our power to change when everything around us changes.  [MINISTERS’ NOTE:  Neal Donald Walsh’s book, “When Everything Changes, Change Everything” is the source of this month’s talks.]

March Talk 1 – “Changing Our Minds About Change” 
When we change our minds about change, our experience of change changes.  This day, we change our minds in a most unexpected way!

March Talk 2 – “Flowing With Change”
There is a wonderful Chinese Proverb that says:   “When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.”  This morning we add two tools to our Spiritual Toolkit that will support us in flowing with, rather than trying to block, the change that is inevitable.

March Talk 3 – “Feeling Excited and Ready for Change”
The title for this talk may seem a bit of an overstatement, but it is possible!  In fact, feeling excited and ready for change is the result of applying the spiritual tools we are exploring this entire month.

March Talk 4 - Palm Sunday and Rose Blessing – “Making the Change with Ease and Grace”
Palm Sunday was a day of preparation for an impending change, one that Jesus knew full well was coming, but one that those following him did not.  What was one key thing he did to support him in this change?  Come find out and find out how you too can use this key.  After the lesson, we will anchor our experience together in one of our most beloved activities, the Rose Blessing Ceremony.

March Talk 5 - Easter Sunday – “Standing in the Change”
The Master Teacher Jesus taught us profound lessons of Truth, the greatest of which was how to stand tall in the midst of life-altering change. This Easter morning, we look to him as the prime example of one who rose anew from the most devastating change we can humanly think of, the loss of life.

I have within me the spiritual strength and the personal power to move through any change with ease and grace!  I stand firm in the Truth of who I am -- an Infinite Being of God’s Love, Light and Truth forever and ever evolving and expanding.