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April 2013 – Share the Love, Share the Light, Share the Wealth – Friendship Month

This month, we embark on our Annual Friendship Month as we share the love felt within the walls of this spiritual community, the light of our individual hearts illuminating this center (and beyond) and the wealth of understanding life from a deep spiritual perspective. Since financial uncertainty is on the hearts and minds of so many in our world today, each week we will take a spiritual look at abundance.  So, bring your friends to share in all of this, and you and they will have a chance to increase your abundance by being eligible for wonderful prizes each week.

April 2013 Talk 1 – “What Does It Mean to be Wealthy? – Part I”
We read in the Scripture that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle than it is for a wealthy man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  This passage has been a cause of poverty conscious for millennia.  Today, and next week, we take a deeper look at this passage and then explore what it really means to be wealthy.

April 2013 Talk 2 – “What Does It Mean to be Wealthy? – Part II”
Picking up where we concluded last week, we continue exploring who and what the wealthy individual is, has and does.  You may find that you are wealthier than you realized and, at the same time, there is always room for expansion!

April 2013 Talk 3 – “Swimming in a Sea of Abundance”
We can often be like the fish in the ocean that looks around and asks, “Where is the water?”  He is swimming in it, but he can’t see it.  So are we swimming in an ocean of love, light and wealth, but sometimes we just can’t see it.  Today, we see with new eyes!

April 2013 Talk 4 – “Celebrating the Riches of Life”
Each week this month, we have gained greater clarity about what it is to be truly wealthy.  Today, we conclude our month by celebrating all of the love, light and wealth now in our lives and that which is yet to come.

I live in the infinite flow of God’s love, light and wealth.  I have more than enough love to spread, more than enough light to spare and more than enough wealth to share.