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May 2013 Theme – The Architecture of Living

[MINISTER’S NOTE:  Talk 4 includes a skit, so get your acting chops warmed up and recruit a couple of other players early so you can be rehearsed and prepared.]

We will spend the month of May exploring some pivotal ideas found in a book that may have gotten lost in the overflowing avalanche of terrific Metaphysical, New Thought books that have been written in the last decade.  “The Architecture of All Abundance:  Creating a Successful Life in the Material World” by Lenedra Carroll contains a blueprint for anyone yearning for a higher level of spiritual awareness coupled with material manifestation.  Of it, Deepak Chopra wrote:  “This work stands as deep testament to the human spirit and the undeniable role of conscious intent in the evolution and transformation of humanity.”  Join us this month, as we examine and experience the spiritual concepts contained in “Architecture.”  It will be a fascinating journey.

May 2013 Talk 1 - "The Architecture of Stillness"
Building a life and building a physical structure have one very important thing in common:  both must have solid foundations put down before anything else can be added.  We build a solid foundation for our lives by going within.  This morning, we access that place in us that informs all of life, that is the source of all creation, that is the answer before the question is even posed.  And, we will access that place in a unique and powerful way. Come with us and take a deep dive into the architecture of stillness.

May 2013 Talk 2 (Mother’s Day) – "The Architecture of a Mother’s Love"
Being completely enveloped in protection and surrounded by indescribably delicious unconditional love – these are experiences every human craves, whether we are a small child or a grown woman or man.  Some of us may have received this from our earthly mothers, others may not have.  This morning we will all experience it in ways you may not expect!

May 2013 Talk 3 – "The Architecture of Health"
Our beautiful Religious Science/Unity teachings about health and vitality have two cornerstone tenets.  The first is: “there is nothing to heal -- only our innate perfection to reveal.” The second is: “our thinking profoundly affects our physical state of being.”  Today, we build a healthy body by building on these tenets.

May 2013 Talk 4 - "The Architecture of Prosperity"
As we conclude our “Architecture of Living” theme, we focus on an area that remains a challenge for many individuals.  That challenge is trusting that we live in the Flow of All Good and that we are always provided for.  Using the author of our theme book as an example, we see how one simple awareness can change everything in an instant.

I build my life on a solid foundation and experience an overflowing abundance of love, health and prosperity.   God is good!  Life is good!  All is good, all the time!