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July 2013 Theme – Summer Blockbusters!

As temperatures rise across the country, including here in [name of your city], the movie industry entices us into cool theaters with summer blockbusters. Not to be outdone, [name of your center] entices you to service each Sunday as we use the titles (although – don’t worry - not the themes) of some of the top summer blockbusters over the past years.  Be sure to keep cool with us this July as we have our own summer blockbusters each week, and, yes, that is popcorn you smell!  [NOTE:  If you have the ability in your space, pop popcorn during the service and offer it to the congregation during fellowship after.]

July Talk 1 – “Independence Day” 
A more fitting movie title for today could not be found as we just celebrated the 4th of July.  This day is our spiritual Independence Day.  Come find out why.  It may just surprise you.

July Talk 2 – “Back to the Future”
In our beautiful New Thought teachings, we are taught to set our intentions, to create our mental equivalents and to stretch to attain our God-given heart’s desires – all of which are in the future.  And while this is absolutely how we create the life of our dreams, there is a pitfall here to be avoided. We avoid it by simultaneously getting back to the present even as we envision our future.  Today we explore how to live in these two places at once.

July Talk 3 – “Die Hard”
It’s been said that old habits die hard.  Yet, to live fully in the glory of the Divine, the way we are meant to live, some of them must. What habits do you have that are keeping you from the fullest and highest expression of you that you can be?  What new habits can you install to support you in being this fullest and highest expression?  Today, we release some old habits and find they didn’t die that hard after all.  And, of course, we install some new ones to take their place.

July Talk 4 – “The Dark Knight”
Who has not experienced a dark night in their lives?  Who has not wondered at one time or another whether it was all worth it? These are questions that can plague our human souls and rob us of the joy of this life experience.  Today, we take an in-depth look at what is really going on when we have our dark nights of the soul, which will shed an entirely new light on the subject.  Come prepared to be moved.

July Affirmation:
This is my blockbuster summer as I celebrate my Independence Day, get Back to the present even as I create my Future , know that old habits don’t have to die hard, grow through my dark [k]night, all the while anchoring in the Eternal Truths of God.