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August 2013 Theme:  “Weaving a Spiritual Tapestry”

Each week during the month of August, we will focus on a unique and important aspect of living the spiritual life.  By reframing false beliefs and embracing those that empower us, this month, we will weave a tapestry that is our lives.  In fact, by month’s end, we will have woven a beautiful spiritual tapestry for living from, through and as the highest idea of God we possibly can.

August 2013 Talk 1 – “Revealing the Secret to the Promise”
Our spiritual teachings make a bold promise.  We are assured that the Still Small Voice of the Divine is always available to guide and direct us.  But how many times have we asked questions like, “God, how do I know it’s You?  How do I know whether this idea I have is a divine idea or a pie-in-the sky idea?  How do I know if the decision I am about to make is the right decision?  How do I know if the direction I am about to go in is the right direction?  How do I know?  How do I know?  How do I know?”  If you have ever asked these questions, you will want to be present today as we reveal the secret to the promise.

August 2013 Talk 2 – “The Promise Revealed – Now What?”
Last week, we revealed the secret for living the promise of Divine Guidance.  Today is part two!  Because once we know the secret, there is something very powerful we must do.  Your being here to discover it is, in itself, what you must do.  Unsure what this means?  You won’t be after our experience together today!

August Talk 3 - “Hitting the Bulls Eye”
As we continue to weave our spiritual tapestry, today we reframe an old religious concept that just might be holding some of us back from being the highest idea of God we came here to be.  It is the concept of sin.  What does it really mean to sin, and how do we regularly do it?  Today’s talk will not make you feel guilty -- we promise! -- but it will empower you to redefine this concept, so that you hit the bulls eye in your life.

August 2013 Talk 4 - “Let’s Get R.E.A.L.”
Our tapestry is just about complete, but there is a key ingredient still needed.  It is the ingredient of love.   This Sunday, we will gather together to get R.E.A.L., as we Recognize Everything As Love.

August Affirmation:
As I weave the beautiful tapestry of my life that is the highest idea of God I can be, I listen to and heed the Still Small Voice within because it always leads me to love.