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September 2013 Theme - Becoming a Miracle Worker

[Ministers Notes:  This month’s theme is based on the book “The Twelve Conditions of a Miracle” by Todd Michael.  The book was originally published under the pseudonym of Michael Abrams and then republished under the author’s real name, which is Todd Michael.  Also, beginning with Week 2, I suggest you put a sheet in the bulletin summarizing the previous week’s Conditions and providing a space for notes.  In Week 5, the sheet should summarize all 12 conditions and have a place where people can mark the Conditions they already have a “handle on” and a place to write what their commitment is to moving forward on others (more on that in Week 5’s talk).  Finally, I am including with this month a wonderful Congregational Song written specifically for this theme.  Many thanks to Cerise Patron (formerly Ryan) who gave her enthusiastic permission to share this song with you.]

September in [name of city] is when summer begins to wane.  That may seem like a blessed miracle to some, but it really is just a natural phenomenon - eventually summer must end!  During this month, we will explore the idea of miracles as just another natural phenomenon by taking a microscopic look at what the Master Teacher Jesus taught us about being a miracle worker through perhaps his most beloved miracle – the Miracle of the Loaves and Fish.  Join us each week as we explore twelve conditions of becoming a miracle worker ourselves.

September 2013 Talk 1 – "The Conditions of Emptiness and Alignment "
Using the Miracle of the Loaves and Fish as our blueprint for creating a miracle, today we begin our exploration by laying some fascinating groundwork and then by opening up to the first two conditions:  emptiness and alignment.

September 2013 Talk 2 - "The Conditions of Asking and Maximizing"
The conditions of the heartfelt “ask” and of maximizing what gifts and blessings we already have are the focus of today’s exploration.   As we bring these two additional conditions of a miracle into our consciousness, we move closer and closer to becoming miracle workers ourselves.

September 2013 Talk 3 – "The Conditions of Giving, Grounding and Seeing"
As we bring conditions five, six and seven of a miracle into our conscious awareness, we experience the deeper and profound message Jesus gave us about the power of giving, of staying in the present moment and of seeing God as the one and only Source.

September 2013 Talk 4 – "The Conditions of Gratitude, Acting as If and Engaging the Cycle"
The two of the three conditions of a miracle explored today may seem obvious (gratitude and acting as if).  The third, engaging the cycle, may not be as obvious.  But obvious or not, today we look below the surface of each of them at their underlying power to creation miracles.

September 2013 Talk 5 – "The Conditions of Receiving and Recycling"
We conclude this month for miracles by looking at the last two Conditions and by bringing it all home in a very personal way.  You won’t want to miss this grand finale of becoming a Master Miracle Worker!

September Affirmation:
As I open my eyes and my heart to the conditions of miracles, I become that which I am meant to be – a worker of miracles!