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December 2013 Theme – A December to Remember!

Join us this month as we experience a “December to Remember” by sharing in the sweetness, the sacredness and the holiness of this time of year in new and empowering ways.  Each week, we will turn within to explore the depth and meaning of the holidays, while at the same time enjoy the trappings of the outer experiences.  Surely, it will be a month we will all remember.

December Talk 1 – “The Miracle of Light”
Today we use the Hanukkah story as a backdrop for experiencing the miracle of light in our own lives.  It is a light that restores, heals and blesses us over and over and over again.

December Talk 2 – “What Gifts Will You Give?”
Gift giving is a staple activity at this time of year, and it is one that can be joyous and incredibly rewarding or fraught with frustration and stress. Today we explore some wisdom of gift giving from a spiritually-based, as well as an eco-friendly, point of view, and we look at the deeper gifts we all have to give.  So, give yourself the gift of being in attendance today.


December Talk 3 – “Your ‘Christmas Club’ Account”
Did your parents establish a Christmas Club savings account at the first of the year, so that by the time Christmas rolled around, they had money to buy gifts?  Perhaps you even had (or have?!) one.  While having such a savings account is a good idea, there is an even more important account to have.  It is your spiritual savings account, which, if you make regular deposits into it, will be available when you desire to make withdrawals from it.

December Talk 4 – “You Are Pre-Approved”
Remember the days when you received several letters a week from various credit card companies proclaiming in big red letters: “You Are Pre-Approved”?  And remember how the letters seemed to come even more abundantly right before the holidays?  While those days are thankfully gone, the spiritual lesson remains.  You came into this life pre-approved.  Today, we explore what that means.

[MINISTERS’ NOTE:  Create a handout of the “Terms and Conditions” referred to in this talk as a gift for the congregation.  A template for the handout is provided.  Also, purchase the book “A Fine Line” by Jean-Ellen Kegler.  You will read it at the end of the talk.  It is a fabulous book for your Youth Ministry.]

December Talk 5 – “Embracing the Truth”
On our final Sunday of the year, we will create an open space in our hearts on which we will imprint Spiritual Truths that will be our touchstones and our guides into the new year.  This day we not only conclude our theme of a December to Remember, but we lay the foundation for creating a Life to Remember!  [MINISTER’S NOTE:  This talk involves a process of releasing and embracing, so two pieces/strips of paper are needed per congregant, plus ushers/baskets to collect what is to be released and a trash can to throw then in.]

Monthly Affirmation:
I open my mind and my heart to the sweet, sacred and holy nature of this time of year.  I experience the Miracle of Light in my life and know myself to be a Gift of God.  Today, I accept the blessings of the Divine and move forward embracing the Truth!