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November, 2013 Theme - Praising the Plenty

This month, we prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday by deepening into the consciousness of Plenty through expanded awareness, upleveled thinking and an attitude of gratitude.  Each week, we will have the opportunity to praise the plenty that is currently in our lives, thus becoming a magnet for greater and even greater good.  [Ministers’ Note:  Remember that the 40-days of gratitude journaling activity begun last month is still underway.  Also, as a heads up, each week involves an activity for the congregation to be engaged in.]

November Talk 1 - “A Sea of Plenty”
We live in a sea of plenty, but are sometimes like the fish swimming in the ocean asking, “Where is the water?”  Today, we dive into the sea plenty by creating a space of receptivity and openness for the flow of God’s great good into and through our lives.  It may surprise you what it takes to create this space. Come find out what!

November Talk 2 - “An Abundant Harvest”
Today we bless the abundant harvest of good in all forms in our lives so that it is multiplied, pressed down and overflowing.  Bring an idea or a symbol of something you would like to have blessed so that your harvest is abundant.

November Talk 3 – “Magnetizing Plenty”
The Master Teacher Jesus once said, “For to him who has, it shall be given, and it shall increase to him; but he who has not, even that which he has shall be taken away from him.”   That may seem like a harsh statement, but there is brilliance behind it.  In fact, behind it is the secret to magnetizing plenty.  Today, learn the secret and become magnets  ourselves!

November Talk 4 – “There is P.L.E.N.T.Y.”
With bellies full of turkey (or perhaps tofurkey for some) and hearts filled with gratitude, we will take our final step today in Praising the Plenty as we create our own, individualized experiences of P.L.E.N.T.Y.

November Affirmation:
My life is filled with plenty and my heart is filled with gratitude.  The more I praise the Plenty, the more Plenty there is to praise!