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April 2014 Theme – Love in Action

[MINISTER’S NOTE:  During this month, hold a drive of some sort.  We collected new, small, cuddly stuffed animals and Beanie Babies to be donated to our county hospital’s pediatric and neonatal intensive care units.  There is a beautiful blessing ceremony in the last Sunday of the month.]

Mother Theresa said, “Love cannot remain by itself – it has no meaning. Love has to be put into action, and that action is service.”  Sacred service is a very powerful and mysterious practice. Through sacred service, we immerse ourselves in the flow of life which brings about our own spiritual and personal transformation. Sacred service is a gift we give to ourselves, and others just so happen benefit in the process! In Eastern traditions, this is called Seva.  This month, we will explore the power of Love in Action -- the power of Seva – wrapping into our month the selfless act of Seva that our Master Teacher Jesus brought to the world as we honor and celebrate Palm Sunday and Easter.

Talk 1 – “Loving Love in Action” 
Sometimes, when we hear about service, our defenses rise as feelings of obligation or burden bubble up inside of us.  Or, we automatically think service is another scheme spiritual leaders have cooked up to help support their spiritual communities!  But, there are deep and rich personal reasons to engage in sacred service (Seva) and today we look at those reasons as we cultivate loving Love in Action.  [MINISTERS’ NOTE:  Preselect a congregant who has engaged in extraordinary Seva to honor as part of this talk.]

Talk 2 – Palm Sunday, “Living Love in Action”
Today, as we set the stage for Easter as well as Earth Day, we explore living Love in Action as it relates to living in service to life, to one another and to Mother Earth.  In addition, we will hold our annual Palm Sunday Rose Blessing ceremony on this powerful day.

Talk 3 – Easter Sunday, “Awakening to Love in Action” 
On this very special and sacred Easter morning, we awaken our hearts and our minds to move into the realm of Christ Consciousness – the consciousness of the one who is awakened to his or her unique and perfect Divinity and recognizes the power of Love in Action.  Today, we arise in the holy Truth of our Beingness and from there, we soar into our infinite possibilities as God Beings on earth!

Talk 4 – “Celebrating Love in Action” 
Today, any and all thoughts of obligation, commitment or burden are removed from the idea of Seva as we celebrate Love in Action through a joyful ritual together.  This is a Sunday you won’t want to miss as we celebrate Love in Action as YOU!

April Affirmation
I am the Generosity of Spirit, and my Spirit is generous.  I am God in Motion, and I move with the flow of God.   I am Love in Action, and I love it!