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January, 2015

January 2015 Theme – With Fresh Eyes

[Ministers’ Note: Read Pam Grout’s E Squared and play with the experiments in advance of this month.]
It is a tradition to get “back to basics” in January and to reground in our fundamental Science of Mind/Unity tenets. And, that is exactly what we will do this January – in our own unique way, that is. Join us each week as we see with fresh eyes and bring a new perspective to these life-altering teachings called Science of Mind/Unity.

January 2015, Talk 1 – “Starting the Year with God”
While we will be looking at things with fresh eyes and from a new perspective this month, there are some things so fundamental that there might not be a new perspective on them, but there is always a way to take them to a deeper level! And that is what we will do today. So my invitation to you is to put fresh eyes on some things you just might think you already know!

January 2015, Talk 2 – “A Grand Experiment”
Combining our fundamental belief in the workings of the Law of God with the modern work of author Pam Grout in her book E Squared, we will bring a fresh look to, as well as experiment with, the way God’s Law works in our lives.

January 2015, Talk 3 – “A Grand Experiment, Part 2”
Continuing our work with the Law of God as well as Pam Grout’s E Squared, today we further our grand experiment as we watch the Law at work in our lives. This Sunday will be fun.

January 2015, Talk 4 – “The Perfect Marriage”
[Ministers’ Note: If you have the ability to show PowerPoint, I suggest slides to go behind the final story. I would also suggest having some daffodils on the stage if you can get them.]
Today, we marry all we have done so far this month -- by uniting the deep, heartfelt realization of the One Presence and One Power of Life that is our Life with the use of God’s Law to create a life of magnificence, beauty and inspiration. And what a perfect marriage it is!

Monthly Affirmation
The Spirit within me is alive, awake and aware. It is always flowing through me in perfect life. I know that this day in which I live, this present time, is now perfect. Everything in my world works harmoniously, divinely. (from This Thing Called You, p. 101)