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February, 2015

February 2015 Theme – What Would I Love?

“What would I love?” This is an interesting question, isn’t it? And how many times do we ask ourselves that? More often than not, the questions we ask are “What should I do?”, “What can I afford?”, “What will people think of me if . . .?” or similar questions. Do they sound familiar to you? This month, we will look with fresh eyes at the idea of living a life we love and loving the life we live.

February 2015, Talk 1 – “Letting Love be Our Guide”
Today, we explore letting love be our guide in ways perhaps different from how we have explored this topic before. Come be surprised and delighted as we have a very personal experience of letting love being our guide!

February 2015, Talk 2 – “Relying on Love”
Jack and Cornelia Addington in their book Your Needs Met, wrote, “There is no problem on earth that Love cannot heal. Love is the answer to every human need.” If that is the case, then we should be able to rely on love. Today, we do just that.

February 2015, Talk 3 – “Amplifying the Love”
This week we will unlock the secrets for expanding the love in any relationship -- friends, co-workers, family and, of course, romantic. If you would like to amplify the love in your relationships, be sure to be with us.

February 2015, Talk 4 – “Let Love Shine Forth”
As we let love shine forth, we not only experience a life we love living, but we attune our hearts to the Divine Heart and feel God’s never-ceasing Love in, through and around us. This Sunday, we end the month in a powerful experience of letting love shine forth.

Monthly Affirmation
Knowing that Love is the strongest drawing power on earth, I attune my heart and my mind to Love and open myself to experience a life I love living.