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March, 2015

March 2015 Theme – Share the Love, Share the Light, Share the Possibilities - Friendship Month

[Ministers’ Note: If you aren’t doing a Friendship Month this March, just delete the references to it. If you are unfamiliar with that program and would like to learn about it, go to: http://www.newthoughtseedthoughts.com/products/friendship-month

This month, we embark on our Annual Friendship Month as we share the love felt within the walls of [insert center’s name], share the light of our individual hearts illuminating this community (and beyond) and share the infinite possibilities that exist for us when we align with and live from Spiritual Truth! Each week, we will explore and experience the depths of connection to Source we can create and the heights of joy and freedom to which we can soar when we live in possibility thinking. In addition, you and the special friends you bring will be eligible for wonderful gifts of gratitude. So, bring yourself and your friends every Sunday in March to Share the Love, Share the Light, Share the Possibilities and Receive the Gifts!

March 2015, Talk 1 – “An Open Mind and an Open Heart – Part I”
As we kick off Friendship Month, we open our minds and our hearts to the greater possibilities, in fact the infinite possibilities, available to us. Today, we experience using three of our six mental senses that send us soaring into the realm of possibilities.

March 2015, Talk 2 – “An Open Mind and an Open Heart – Part II”
Picking up where we concluded last week, today we open our minds and our hearts to three additional mental senses that connect us with God, the Source of higher and even higher possibilities.

March 2015, Talk 3 – “With All Thy Getting, Get Understanding”
In Proverbs, King Solomon gave us this wisdom, and in modern times, Mike Dooley, in his wonderful book Infinite Possibilities, wrote: “Understanding is the elixir that reveals your place in eternity, and with it your beliefs can be aligned and your imagination ignited to achieve anything you can dream of.” Using our six mental senses explored over the past two weeks, today we move into deeper understanding of what living into infinite possibilities really means.

March 2015, Talk 4 – “Utilizing Your Invisible Power”
According to Thomas Troward’s only student, Genevieve Behrend, we all have access to an Invisible Power which immediately taps us into the realm of possibilities. We have already explored that Power this month (take a guess which one it is), and today we lay claim to its full potential.

Palm Sunday, March 2015, Talk 5 – “What Are Your Possibilities?”
As we bring this theme and Friendship Month to a close, today we share our Love, Light and Possibilities with one another. In the deeply moving experience of our traditional Palm Sunday Rose Blessing, we will join as One to feel into and anchor what really is possible for and through each and every one of us. [Ministers’ Note: Read the script for instructions on the Rose Blessing, which takes some prearranging and preparation.]

Monthly Affirmation
Knowing I am connected to Infinite Source, I soar into my infinite possibilities. My mind and my heart are open to greater understanding, and I unleash my Invisible Power!