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May, 2015

May 2015 Theme – A Master’s Program in Spirituality

May is graduation month, and we have a number of people here at our center doing just that. So, we will gather in community to celebrate their milestone accomplishments, and, in addition, we will look at our progression through the education system from grade school to high school to college and then perhaps even to graduate school as a metaphor for our progression through the various levels of consciousness as we move to greater and even greater awareness of who and whose we are. In fact, this month, we will go through our own Master’s Program in Spirituality. Be sure to be with us each week and receive your Certificate of Graduation on the last Sunday of the month.

Talk 1 – “Taking an Assessment” 
If you took an honest assessment of your life, where would you say you tend to live from? Kindergarten? First grade? Eighth grade? High school? College? Today, we will assess (in a loving way, of course) where we are in the way we live our lives for the highest expression of our individual good, for the collective good of humanity and for the benefit of Mother Earth.

Mother’s Day, Talk 2 – “Enrolling in the Master’s Program”
Wherever you are in your spiritual journey right now, this morning is an invitation to master the next level, the next step for you. Are you ready to enroll in the Master’s Program of Living? If so, be sure to join us today. And bring your mother to service. We want to celebrate and honor her today as well!

Talk 3 – “Master’s Level Living”
Master’s Level Living means that we take the spiritual principles we know and we apply them in our lives to the best of our ability in a dedicated, diligent and disciplined way. Master’s Level Living also means we move from the mindset of “what I have” to “what I do” ultimately to “who I am.” Therein lies the mastery. Today, we practice Master’s Level Living.

Talk 4 – “Master’s Level Remembering”
Using Memorial Day as our backdrop and focus, this Sunday we will continue practicing Master’s Level Living by remembering there is a Divine Presence at the Center of all things, that this Divine Presence responds to us and that our awareness of this Presence – our ability to remember the Presence – can be so strong, so real that we feel it everywhere, in everything, in everyone and in every situation.

Talk 5 – “Celebrating Graduation Day”
Today we celebrate two graduations – individuals graduating from their personal programs and our collective graduation from this month’s Master’s Program in Spirituality. If you are a graduate, be sure to be here for a special celebration of you. And if you have attended all five services this month, you too will be celebrated and recognized with a Certificate of Graduation! In addition to all that celebrating, we will add the final ingredient to Master’s Level Living.