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September, 2015

September 2015 Theme - “The Art and Science of Spiritual Living”

The Science of Mind/Unity is a most wonderful teaching which, when practiced to its fullest extent, leads to a life rich in meaning, love, peace, joy and harmony. But there is both an art and a science to that practice. Join us during the month of September when we will explore applying both the art and the science of spiritual living to our lives today.

September, Talk 1 – “Time to be Awake and Aware”
In order to fully engage in spiritual living, we must be awake to the Higher Truth of any experience we may be having, while simultaneously being aware of the changes that need to be made to current conditions, systems, patterns, etc. Walking this delicate line is an art and a science, and today we walk it together.

September, Talk 2 - “Create Your Day” 
To bring the art and science of spiritual living fully into our lives, we must practice, practice, practice! Today we offer six practices to help you C-R-E-A-T-E your day in alignment with your highest good, regardless of the circumstances that surround you.

September, Talk 3 - “Empower Your Power” 
Today we explore the idea of empowering our Power. And those who are savvy in our spiritual teachings will realize that that statement is a bit of a paradox, because we really don’t need to do anything to empower the Power within us. It is already there. It is Complete. It is Whole. It is Perfect. It is Ever-Available to us. All we need to do is consciously connect with it and give it space to work in us. And that is what we do today!

September, Talk 4 - “Love is Your Decision”
We conclude our month of practicing the art and science of our teachings by looking at our human relationships because many, many times, the challenges in our lives have to do with those relationships, don’t they? They really are where the rubber meets the road. And to love in the midst of challenges is, of course, a choice. As we make the decision to be receptive to love, to look for love and in every way to choose love, Love points the way and then the Law moves into action to create greater love in relationships, greater love in our work, greater love in life. Today, our mission is to make love our decision, so that it can lead the way to a life that is fully lived.