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March, 2016

March 2016 Theme - A Sacred Connection, A Connection with the Sacred

This Easter month, we are all being called into a Sacred Connection, which is a connection with our Sacred Selves. And, as we get to know who we really are, as opposed to who we might think we are, we automatically make a connection with the Divine. Throughout this entire month, we will each have an opportunity to experience a profound Sacred Connection or, said another way, a profound Connection with the Sacred.

March 2016, Talk 1 – Making the Connection
Many of us have a fear of making a deep connection with ourselves because we are afraid of what we might find if we look deep inside. Yet in actuality—the deeper we look, the closer we get to making a connection with the Sacred. Today, let’s take a deep look and make that connection together.

March 2016, Talk 2 – Taking the Connection Deeper
When we learn to love ourselves, with our human imperfections, our shadows, and our mistakes, we make a connection with the Sacred. Today we take the connection we began last week and move it deeper. Deeper into self love, deeper into Divine Love, deeper into the full understanding that it really is all God.

Palm Sunday, March 2016, Talk 3 - Holy Ground
Today, we are invited to stand on the holiest ground of faith and conviction in the Truth, that we are One with the Source of all Beingness, the God of all creation. We will affirm and confirm that through the Rose Blessing Ceremony.

Easter, March 2016, Talk 4 - Becoming the Living Miracle
As we bring our theme of a Sacred Connection to a close, we look at the one who had a deep and abiding Sacred Connection, our brother and Master Teacher Jesus, and find the beautiful message for us today contained in his resurrection experience. Filled with music, love and light, this Easter Sunday invites us each to Become the Living Miracle by making our own Sacred Connection.