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April, 2016

April 2016 Theme – Share the Love, Share the Light, Share Your Authentic Self – Friendship Month

[Ministers’ Note: The bulk of the content for this month’s theme is inspired by “Your (Re)Defining Moments: Becoming Who You Were Born to Be,” by author Dennis Merritt Jones]

[Ministers’ Note: If you aren’t doing a Friendship Month this April, just delete any references to it. There aren’t many, but a few. If you are unfamiliar with that program and would like to learn about it, go to: http://www.newthoughtseedthoughts.com/products/friendship-month]

This April, we intentionally share the Love, Light and Truth of [insert name of center] with our friends and family. During this Friendship Month, we will take a deep and beautiful look at being who our souls came here to be. We will explore seven intrinsic qualities of the Authentic Self and will create a road map for arriving at our Center, the place where we remember who we really are -- One with the One. This month will be profoundly meaningful for those who have been with us for a very long time as well as for those who attend for the first time. And for those who are here because of Friendship Month as well as for those who bring them, there will be special delights each week, culminating on the last Sunday of the month.

April 2016, Talk 1 – “Your Authentic Self Emerges – Part I” 
In the first of a multi-part message, today we begin to look at the intrinsic qualities of the Authentic Self and experience our Authentic Selves at a new and delightful level!

April 2016, Talk 2 – “Your Authentic Self Emerges – Part II” 
Building on the work begun last week and continuing our exploration of the intrinsic qualities of the Authentic Self, today we find our Authentic Voice.

April 2016, Talk 3 – “Your Authentic Self Emerges – Part III”
Today, we take a final look at the emergence of our Authentic Self as we add the sweetest ingredient to the mix.

April 2016, Talk 4 – “Anchoring Your Authentic Self” 
Now that we have allowed our Authentic Self to emerge, today we will anchor it in a sacred and holy practice, the practice of prayer. By being immersed not only in the spiritual concept behind prayer but in the actual experience of it, we will firmly anchor ourselves in who and whose we really are.