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May, 2016

May 2016 Theme – Creating a Life of Magic

Using the brilliance found in Elizabeth Gilbert’s most recent book entitled, “Big Magic,” this month we will create a life of magic for ourselves. By exploring the attitudes, approaches and habits needed to uncover our hidden treasurers, face our fears, and trust the Universe, we will open to our most creative, magical lives -- the lives God intended us to live.

May 2016, Talk 1 – “The Courage for Discovery”
“Do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures hidden in you?” This question is posed early on in “Big Magic,” so we will pose the same question early on in our work together this month. What might your answer be?

May 2016, Talk 2 – “Embracing Enchantment”
The word “enchantment” is defined as “the quality that attracts and holds our attention; a magic spell.” Today, we explore the “magic spell” that occurs when we let ourselves be enchanted by our own inspiration.

May 2016, Talk 3 – “Permission and Persistence”
Permission and persistence play critical roles in our ability to create a life of magic. One completely supports it; the other will stop it in its tracks. Today we put a stop to one and take the other on!

May 2016, Talk 4 – “Trust in What Can Be Trusted”
This title may sound like a bit of an enigma, but the power of its practice cannot be overstated. By trusting in What Can be Trusted, we open the floodgates of creativity.

May 2016, Talk 5 – “Do You Believe in Magic?”
Today, we bring our magical theme home in a rich and full way. In fact, today, you will be reminded that you truly are a spiritual wizard.