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June, 2016

June 2016 Theme – “The Divine Nine”

This month, we will explore nine sacred practices that, when experienced in tandem, support us in living from our God-centered nature with our hearts opened and our visions and dreams made manifest. Join us each week as we bring the Divine Nine alive in our lives!

June 2016, Talk 1 – “Abundant Giving, Abundant Living”
Through giving of our time, talent and treasurer, we reenact the loving Givingness of God and therefore express our own Divine Nature. With this understanding, we evolve from consumers of life to creators in life and what profound love and joy that brings! Come today and be prepared to hear a new twist on this topic of ancient wisdom. 
[MINISTERS’ NOTE: Preselect 2-3 outstanding volunteers in your community and honor them during your talk. Have them give short testimonials on the blessings they receive by serving; you will also do a tithing demonstration and need to enroll people ahead of time and set it up. The details are in the talk. Finally, in this talk you will introduce a 90-day tithing challenge. A description of that challenge is contained in a separate document.]

June 2016, Talk 2 – “Are You Ready to Receive?” 
We are taught in New Thought that our prayers are not to beseech God to change His mind, but rather they are to open our minds and our hearts to receive the All Good that the Infinite Father/Mother/God has readily available for each of us. In a personal and tangible way, today we open ourselves to receive as we unpack two more of the Divine Nine spiritual practices.

June 2016, Talk 3 – “Within Then Without” 
As Jesus said, “Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all these things shall be added into you.” In this service, we will deepen into this promise and into two more sacred practices that empower the ability we all have to create a world that works for all of us.

June 2016, Talk 4 – “Putting It All Together” 
So far this month, we’ve explored six of the Divine Nine spiritual practices. Today we complete the list and put it all together into a way of living that will be sure to open your hearts to God’s profound love and joy and support you in manifesting your dreams. You won’t want to miss this grand finale to the month!