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July, 2016

July 2016 Theme – Pathway of Plenty, Journey of Joy, Course of Conscious Creation

Is the pathway of your life meandering here and there with little focus and clarity, or is it clearly the path of experiencing God’s Plentiful Universe? Is your journey through life unsatisfying, or is it filled with joy and meaning as you live from Spirit’s Purpose? Do you feel like you are on a course to nowhere, or are you working in harmony with Divine Law to consciously create every step of the way? Wherever you are in the continuum of those questions, there will be gifts for you this month as [insert minister’s name] explores a number of deeply spiritual, yet highly practical, ideas for walking a Pathway of God’s Plenty, a Journey of the Joy of Spirit and a Course of Conscious Creation.

July 2016, Talk 1 – “Bringing on Your CSO”
In May McCarthy’s little, yet profoundly impactful book, “The Path to Wealth,” she suggests that the first thing we must do to lead a consciously abundant and fulfilling life -- a life of plenty, a life of joy and a life of conscious creation -- is to bring on a “CSO” to support us in the business of building that life. What is a “CSO”? Come today and find out!

July 2016, Talk 2 – “A Divine Agenda”
Now that you have established a relationship with your “CSO,” it is time to start having daily meetings. Today we will look at the contents of the agenda for these meetings and everyone will receive a gift to support them in setting their personal agendas.

July 2016, Talk 3 – “Acting in a Certain Way”
Today we combine the work of May McCarthy with the work of Wallace Wattles and find that in addition to our regular meetings with our “CSO”, we must also act in a certain way. In fact, Wattles writes in “The Science of Getting Rich” “. . . you must not rely upon thought alone, paying no attention to personal action. That is the rock upon which many otherwise scientific metaphysical thinkers meet shipwreck --- the failure to connect thought with personal action.” Today, we learn of the power in our personal action.

July 2016, Talk 4 - “Freedom to Walk the Path”
Today we celebrate the freedom and joy we feel when we are on our conscious path of creation, and we experience a key ingredient that leads to that freedom. It’s a critical piece, so don’t miss today!

July 2016, Talk 5 – “Abun-DANCE”
As we bring our monthly theme to a close, we discover some fresh ideas for having the strength and courage to follow the guidance of our SCO, even when seems scary. Even when it seems really, really scary. These ideas will help us firmly plant our feet on our Pathway of God’s Plenty, our Journey of the Joy of Spirit and our Course of Conscious Creation.