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October, 2016

October 2016 Theme – Engaging, Embracing and Empowering Life

Last month, we invited you to “Let Us Help You Do Life.” This month, we build on that work by fully Engaging life (lower case “l,” meaning this human experience), by deeply Embracing Life (upper case “L”, meaning the Greater Life; the Life of God) and by Empowering our life/Life. And when we do that, it will lead to an extraordinary experience of life/Life.

October Talk 1 – “Aligning with Life (upper case “L”)”
Who we are and the power we wield is extraordinary, perhaps even beyond our comprehension. But even if we can’t fully comprehend it, we can align with it and use it. We just have to know what supports our alignment and what doesn’t. Today, we make that distinction very clear.

October Talk 2 - “The Heat Is On”
This title is not referring to the Glenn Frey song of the mid-1980s nor is it referring to the heat of the summer that has just passed. Rather, it refers to the Truth of the heat, the fire, the passion of Spirit living as you and ready to be ignited at any minute if you would but flick the switch by engaging, embracing and empowering life! Are you ready to get the heat on in your life? Good. Be with us today and discover how.

October Talk 3 - “Making Peace with the Past”
Often times, our shadows from the past – the hurts and wounds from others or our own missteps and errors – haunt us in the present, preventing us from fully engaging in and embracing and empowering life. Today, we gather to reconcile the past, thereby making peace with it and putting it where it belongs once and for all.

October Talk 4 – “What Is Ours to Do in life (lower case “l”)?”
Today we get a road map of specifically and precisely what is ours to do and what is Life’s to do, as this is a key component in deliberately engaging, embracing and empowering an extraordinary life. Spoiler alert: The road map might not look exactly like you think it will!

October Talk 5 - “Engaging and Empowering” 
In Star Trek’s “Next Generation,” how often did Captain Jean-Luc Picard say to Data: “Engage”? The answer: Every time the Starship Enterprise was bound for a new adventure. We must do the same. Each time we choose to fully embrace Life, we must first engage and then we must empower ourselves through that occasional course correction. So, today, we embrace, engage and empower so that we reach the destination of our extraordinary life!