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God Rocks

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The Gifts of the Season

November, 2016

November 2016 Theme - Ultimate Power Tools

In your workroom at home, power tools make any job go smoother, quicker and easier than do hand tools, don’t they? Now wouldn’t it be nice if we had such power tools for living? Well, we do! During the month of November, we’ll plug in and explore just a few. 

November 2016, Talk 1 - The Power of Enthusiasm
Enthusiasm (literally meaning “being God filled”) is contagious. This Sunday, we will explore the power behind being excited about expressing our Godliness, and we will see what we can do to be contagions for God’s Good.

November 2016, Talk 2 - The Power of Faith Rightly Placed
We all use the tool of Faith. The question is – how are we using it? Where are we placing our Faith? Rightly placed, it becomes a power tool for good; placed otherwise, it is the cause of our distress. Today, you will learn how to properly use this important power tool.

November 2016, Talk 3 - The Power of Plugging In 
As long as a power tool stays connected to its source, it can do its work. But the instant it is unplugged, nothing happens. As we continue our month of “Ultimate Power Tools,” we will look at ways to stay plugged in to the Source.

November 2016, Talk 4 - The Power of a Grateful Heart 
[MINISTERS’ NOTE: This talk includes more music than usual as well as a congregant “testimonial” that you read. So, preparation will be lighter on you (which is always nice the Sunday after Thanksgiving), but will require more than the usual preplanning, especially by your music team.]
In this engaging and interactive service you won’t want to miss, we will rev up the power tool of a grateful heart, knowing it will get the job done!