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December, 2016

December 2016 Theme – Capturing the Spirit of Christmas

December is a special time of year for connection, community and care, and a time that reminds us to embrace the Consciousness of the Christ. This December at [insert name of center], we will Capture the Spirit of the season in a variety of ways that will surprise and delight.

December 2016, Talk 1 – “Capturing the Spirit of You”
In all the hurriedness and activity of the season, we can sometimes forget about the Essence of who we are and become Human Doings instead of Human Beings. So, as we begin the month, we will take some special moments to pause and capture the magnificent, beautiful and amazing Spirit of You!

December 2016, Talk 2 – “Capturing the Spirit of Peace” 
Our brother and master teacher Jesus is often referred to as the “Prince of Peace.” What would it take for us to capture the Spirit of Peace and embrace it as he did? Come find out how.

December 2016, Talk 3 – “Capturing the Spirit of the Christ” 
Christ Consciousness is a term we love to use in Religious Science/Unity circles, but what does it really mean and how do we capture and incorporate it into our lives? As we move closer and closer to Christmas, today we take a look at these captivating questions and may make a surprising discovery or two.

December 2016, Talk 4 – “Capturing the Spirit of Care and Community”
[MINISTERS’ NOTES: If you have the ability to serve hot cider or chocolate and scones/rolls as people arrive, which they could take in the sanctuary, that would enhance the feelings of love and connection! You may also consider dispensing with some of the regular songs, announcements, etc. and make this an entirely different, perhaps shorter, service. Also, consider offering small gift boxes filled with an affirmation, a stone or other symbol at the end of the talk. Recommendations on where to purchase the boxes and stones are contained in this talk.]

Merry Christmas!! Today, we look back on the year we just experienced and ask: Was it the gift you expected and wanted? Did you receive everything you desired? Or has it been riddled with challenges? Perhaps it’s been a bit of both? Wherever 2016 took you, today we capture the Spirit of Care and Community as we celebrate and support one another in profound ways. This will be a one-of-a-kind service that will set your heart aglow. Come dressed casually (warm PJs would even be great!) and be prepared to get a huge gift of love!