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January 2017

January 2017 Theme – Living a New Language

Mental Equivalents. Consciousness. Spiritual Mind Treatment/Affirmative Prayer. Principle. The Absolute. Demonstration. Divine Creative Process. The Affirmative Life. False Beliefs.  The Law. Divine Intelligence.  Divine Right Order.  Subjective Mind.  Spiritual Truth.  Whew! When we first come into Religious Science/Unity, it seems like we need to learn a new language with all of the terms and phrases that have unique meaning to our faith, philosophy and way of life. This first month of the year, we will define a number of Religious Science/Unity terms . . . and create a few more . . . while we discover how they can come alive in our lives!  

January 2017, Talk 1 – “Activating the Divine Creative Process through the Law to Dispel False Beliefs, Lead an Affirmative Life and Experience Amazing Demonstrations”
OK, that has to be the longest talk (and perhaps dullest!) title in the history of talk titles, and we could have thrown in a few more terms such as “Mental Equivalents, “Subjective Mind” and “Divine Right Order,” but enough is enough!  In a very real and very relatable way, today we lay the foundation of our Religious Science/Unity teachings and get a deeper meaning of every one of these Unity terms.

January 2017, Talk 2 – “Pronoia” 
As lengthy as last Sunday’s talk title was, today’s is short, and it may be a word you are not familiar with. Well, that’s because it isn’t a word – or should we say it hasn’t been a word up until now. Come today and find out what it means. It just may become a word you want to add to your vocabulary!

January 2017, Talk 3 – “Developing the Consciousness to see The Absolute and the Spiritual Truth in All Things” 
Well, there’s another long one! Today, we explore some more “Religious Science/Unity speak.” What is “The Absolute,” the “Spiritual Truth” and how about “Consciousness” (which we have recently defined so you may remember that one!)? These are all concepts vitally important to living our Science of Mind/Unity teachings and today we will bring them alive.  

January 2017, Talk 4 – “Habitudes” 
Here’s another word you won’t find in our books or in any dictionary, for that matter, because it, like “pronoia,” isn’t a real word (yet!). But, today we will explore our current habitudes and develop some new ones.

January 2017, Talk 5 – “What’s Up?” 
[NOTE:  Have papers for people to write down questions available and at the beginning of the service, invite them to do so.]
As this month wraps up, we ask “what’s up” with you? What Science of Mind/Unity questions do you have? What terms do you want to more fully understand? What support would you like on living these beautiful and amazing teachings? In this unstructured talk, Rev. ______ invites you to share what’s up with you! [NOTE FOR RELIGIOUS SCIENCE: There is a skit at the end of this talk which needs you and another person to perform.]