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February 2017

February 2017 Theme – Come On!  Get Real!

Are you ready to get real . . . about life?  About relationships?  About personal tranformation?  If you are, then February is the month for you.   Each week this month, we will get real about an important aspect of our lives by bringing a large dose of Reality to the table.  So, come on!  Let’s get real!

February 2017, Talk 1 – “Let’s Get Real About Life’s Lessons” 
We often think that God tests our faith and spiritual resolve by giving us difficult life lessons.  But, is that really the case?  Today, we will take a look at the idea of life lessons and how there just might be an entirely different way to perceive them.

February 2017, Talk 2 – “Let’s Get Real About Relationships” 
Wherever you look, wherever you turn, wherever you are, you are in relationship.  You are in relationship with your family, with your colleagues and co-workers, with your friends, with your sacred partner and, most importantly, with the God of Your Being.  Today, we get real about what works and what doesn’t work to create and sustain genuine and real relationships in all of those areas.

February 2017, Talk 3 – “Let’s Get Real About Life”
Today we get real about life -- that’s life and Life. Come ready to make a powerful transformation from seeing life from a narrow, limited perspective to experiencing the joy and power of Life Itself!  

February 2017, Talk 4 – “Let’s Get Real About Personal Transformation” 
of the month – the idea of what personal transformation is really about! Today we will bring to life a tried, but true New Thought saying. Want to know what it is? Come this Sunday and find out.