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June, 2017

June 2017 Theme – “Minding the Mind”

Our New Thought teachings put a great deal of emphasis on what is occurring between our ears, and rightfully so. We know that what occurs in our minds informs everything in our lives from our relationship with the Divine, to our relationship with ourselves, to our relationship with others, to our relationship with work, money, play, health -- and the list goes on and on! So, perhaps it’s important to give some focused attention to that valuable real estate. Come be intellectually stimulated and richly blessed as we “Mind the Mind” all month.

June 2017, Talk 1 – “That Just Blew My Mind!” 
[Ministers’ Note: This talk includes brief video clips to illustrate the “blew my mind” point. A link to the video clips is provided in the body of the talk.]
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. once said, “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” Have you had your mind blown when you’ve taken on a new spiritual concept and then never been able to look at life the same way again? It is our intention to blow your mind in such a way today!

June 2017, Talk 2 – “Mind Over Matter” 
“Mind over matter” is a common phrase, and is used to speak to the creative nature of our minds. And while we would certainly agree that our minds are creative, is “mind OVER matter” accurate or is there more to it? Come today and find out what more there might just be.

June 2017, Talk 3 –“Your Mind is a Vessel” 
[Ministers’ Note: This talk includes a dramatization of the Zen Master story. The script is included in the talk.] 
Did you hear the one about the professor who travelled a vast distance to study under a Zen Master only to prattle on and on about what he already knew? If you’ve heard that one, do you remember what the great teacher did? If not, come today and find out . . . and even if you do know the rest of that story, come anyway, because there is more to be revealed.

June 2017, Talk 4 – “If You Don't Mind, It Doesn't Matter” 
This is a direct quote from a most unlikely source. If you know who it is, email Rev. [insert minister’s name] before Saturday, [date of last Saturday of June], and then be in service on Sunday and there just might be a prize for you! While this may seem to be a shallow statement, there is actually some deep wisdom in it. Today, we dive in and find it.