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November, 2017

November 2017 Theme – Abundant Living as a Way of Life

In his New Thought classic, “Prosperity,” Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore examines abundant living as a way of life. This month at [insert name of center], we gather to explore the deep and timeless ideas contained in this rich (pun intended!) book. If you are seeking a more fulfilling human experience, a greater understanding of God and a way to apply the spiritual principles of abundance in all areas of your life, then this month is for you. Come and be blessed! And, remember, your presence is a blessing to others!

November 2017, Talk 1 – “The Key to it All”
Our in-depth exploration of Fillmore’s book “Prosperity” begins at the beginning – by clarifying and deepening into the fundamental basis of the Universe. You may think you know what this is . . . and you may. Then again, there may be more to be revealed!

November 2017, Talk 2 – “You are the Inlet and the Outlet”
[MINISTERS’ NOTE: Prepare a laminated handout of the definition of Abundance Consciousness explored last week to give as a gift today. See the PDF for a sample of what we did at our center. If you would like us to customize one for you, just let me know.]
We have a saying in our New Thought teachings: “God can only do for us what God can do through us.” No truer words have ever been spoken. Therefore, you are both an inlet and an outlet for the Divine and for all aspects of the Divine, including this thing we call abundant living. How wide are your inlet and outlet pipes? If they are not as wide as you would like, today’s the day to expand them!

November 2017, Talk 3 - “Rich in Ideas, Rich in Life”
It’s been said that ideas are God’s first currency. Fillmore writes in “Prosperity,” that “our rich ideas will keep us in constant touch with abundance.” What does it mean to trade in the currency of ideas? Come today as we explore this profound idea!

November 2017, Talk 4 – “Let God Pay Your Debt” 
If this title intrigued you, then it served its purpose. As we bring this impactful month to a close, we look at the power, the significance and the seeming magic behind the idea of letting God pay our debts.