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November, 2007
God Rocks

December, 2007
The Gifts of the Season

December 2007 - The Gifts of the Season

As we come to the close of another year and celebrate the holidays during this month, we will turn our focus to the great and glorious idea of gifts -- giving and receiving gifts! We will explore the concept of giving and receiving that which we are and that which we desire to experience. Give yourself the gift of being with us as we celebrate the holidays together.

Talk 1 - The Gift
Today we will set the tone for the entire month by introducing two questions: What Gifts of God am I willing to receive and how am I willing to use them?

Talk 2 - The Gift of Peace
So often we sing, “let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me,” but the question is: how are we doing with that? Are we allowing the gift of peace to live in our being and radiate out to others? What a gift we would give to ourselves and to the world if we did. Today, let’s explore how.

Talk 3 - The Gift of Self
YOU are a gift to the world. Do you know that? Do you share it? Today we will look at the unique gifts we each bring to this thing called life.

Talk 4 - The Gift of the Christ
This Sunday before Christmas, we will differentiate between the teachings ABOUT Jesus the Christ and the teachings OF Jesus the Christ, and we will unwrap his most profound gift.

Talk 5 - The Greatest Gift of All
What is the Greatest Gift of All? Join us on this last Sunday of the year and you will not only find out, you will have an opportunity to experience it first hand.