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January 2008 - Animating Your Life

A January Religious Science tradition is to return to the basics by reviewing the fundamentals of Science of Mind every Sunday. The challenge is -- how to make that interesting year after year! Well, how’s this for an idea -- each week, Rev. ___________ will use a modern animated film to illustrate the basic spiritual principles taught in Science of Mind. In this series, we will learn how to animate our lives by aligning with Truth Principles as they are outlined in Ernest Holmes’ classic piece, What We Believe, and in the Ten Core Concepts as taught in the Foundational course materials. This series should be a treat for all ages!

Talk 1 - Are You Happy?
This Sunday we begin the new year by explore several Truth Principles as they are illustrated in the wonderful, sure-to-be-a-classic animated movie Happy Feet.

Talk 2 - Finding Yourself
In the heart-warming movie, Finding Nemo, a young clown fish gets separated from his father and their respective journeys unfold as Nemo tries to get home and his father tries to find him. Spiritual lessons about our personal journey to find ourselves abound in this delightful saga!

Talk 3 - Taming the Green Monster
Shrek is a green, nasty ogre. Or is he? Today, we will see what insights about our perceptions of ourselves and the world around us the characters in the movie Shrek have to offer us.

Talk 4 - Where is Your Car Taking You?
This week, we will look at the movie Cars, which is filled to the brim with lesson about the power of consciousness.

{MINISTERS’ NOTE: Host a spiritual movie night or two during this month and show these movies. Showing them after your talk enables your congregation to find the examples and spiritual concepts you referred to in your talk.]