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February 2008 - Spirit in Motion - Being the Transformation

Each one of us individually, and humankind collectively, is Spirit in Motion -- ever dissolving, imagining, re-forming and flying. This month, we will explore these four aspects of our ever-evolving experience on this earth and how each one of these phases is an integral part of our total beingness. Each Sunday will build on the other, so you won’t want to miss a single one!

Talk 1 - Are You Falling Apart or Falling Together?
Just as the earth breaks apart in order for the flower to burst forth into expression, sometimes our lives look like they are breaking apart as well. But are they? Or, are they simply making room for something more beautiful to emerge?

Talk 2 - If You Can See It, You Can Be It
Spirit puts no boundaries on us. We are limited only by the limits of our own imagination. So, what is the greater life that you can imagine? In this interactive service, you will have an opportunity to SEE what Spirit wants to emerge through you -- thereby setting the Law in motion so that you can BE it.

Talk 3 - Becoming a “Re-formed” Religious Scientist OR simply Being “Re-formed”
Becoming our Greater Self, living the Larger Life will most certainly require us to re-think how we have been living and relating to the world up to that point. In order to BE that which we SEE, re-formation in our consciousness (that is, our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, attitudes, values, and actions) is most certainly the order of the day.

Talk 4 - Soaring High
Once we have evolved through dissolving, imagining and re-forming, the only thing left to do is to take flight. It is the natural result of our ever-unfolding process. So, hang on to your hats as we soar high today!

[MINISTERS’ NOTE: I pre-selected congregants to share a personal story that related to the stage we discussed each week and worked with them to make sure they stayed on topic and on time. They had about 5 minutes to share.]