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June 2008 - From Surviving to Striving to Thriving

Many of us spent what seemed to be a lifetime just trying to survive. At some point in our journey of unfoldment, we may have moved into the place of striving -- striving to make our lives turn out the way we wanted. And many of us have been successful with that mode of operation. But there is yet another way to be and that is to thrive. During this month, we will explore what it means to move out of the place of merely surviving to releasing the struggle of striving and then to being in the sweet space of thriving – knowing that when we thrive we are in the space of Pure Potentiality and Creativity in which Spirit meant for us to be! Each Sunday will build on the previous, so don’t miss a single one. And, those attend every Sunday of this series will receive a special gift on the last Sunday of the month.

Talk 1 - Are You Surviving, Striving or Thriving?
In this service, we will define what it means to survive, what it means to strive and what it means to thrive by exploring concepts from the “Why Me, By Me, Through Me, As Me” model as well as from other models of consciousness.

Talk 2 - Uncovering Your Striving Strategies
Once we move into the “striving mode,” we develop personal ways of being to be successful in the world. They become who we are and, up to a point, they can be very effective. But, those strategies will not take us to the place of thriving. This Sunday, we will investigate what those strategies might look like.

Talk 3 - The Last Word on Surrender
Before we can begin to thrive, we must release any notion of should be, ought to be, what is right and what is wrong, realizing that, once we have done all we know to do, the outcome is not in our hands – life will simply turn out the way it turns out. This is the ultimate definition of surrender, which can lead to complete freedom!

Talk 4 - Are You Willing to Accept the Impossible?
Once we experience the freedom of true surrender, we are ready to move into the place of willingness to create that which previously seemed impossible. Are you willing to accept that the impossible just might be possible?

Talk 5 - Thriving Into Your Future
We are meant to thrive. We are meant to BE our impossible dream. We are meant to be miracle workers. This Sunday closes our series with a powerful ceremony during which everyone will have an opportunity to thrive into their future.

[MINISTER’S NOTE: The gift given on the last Sunday of the month was a Dove “Promise” chocolate candy and a rock/glass engraved with “Thrive” wrapped in tissue paper and tied in raffia. I had enough for about 1/3 of our regular attendance. The number worked out fine. Resource books: Building Your Field of Dreams by Mary Manin Morrissey and The Last Word on Power by Tracy Goss]